Surprise! Real Military Appreciation From the White House

What if I told you that the military support message coming from a pair of female celebrities and First Lady Michelle Obama was actually on target? It may be one of my biggest … [Read more...]


How Do You Make Money From Blogging?

How DO you make money from blogging, Military Spouse? How do you make coin when you are moving all the time? How do you know whether your good idea is a business… or just a really nice … [Read more...]


New Military Spouses Need Seat Around The Table

What’s the first thing you do when you meet a brand new military spouse -- young and in love? Struggling to make ends meet? Brave in that way only the young are truly brave? If you are like … [Read more...]


10 Ways To Be An Awesome Mom — On The Cheap!

The things that make a person a good mom or dad always seem a little boring to me. I can do them. I can cook nutritious meals and brush little teeth and make itty bitty kiddies feel safe and cuddly. … [Read more...]


The Spouse Experience: Ft. Bragg Here We Come!

We asked our readers where we should bring our next Military.com Spouse Experience live event. And you told us—Bring it here! Bring it to where I live! Evidently EVERYONE needs a few great … [Read more...]


10 Things To STOP Doing In Military Life

I have a long list of things I’ve gotta stop doing in my own life. I gotta stop filling my car with drink cups. I gotta stop bingeing on Netflix. I gotta stop thinking of Taco Bell as a food … [Read more...]


What I Learned at the Spouse Summit

You know that crazy awesome feeling of inspiration and new-leaf-ness you get when you attend the Spouse Experience? The Spouse Summit is like that, only amped up on coconut cupcakes, coffee and a … [Read more...]


Manage those Business Cards

Conferences like the Military.com Spouse Summit (our favorite conference, obviously) are a great place to rub elbows and network in your field. They're a treasure trove of new contacts, and with them, … [Read more...]


National Military.com Spouse Summit Amazitude

When we get ready for the Military.com National Spouse Summit each year we know that one thing will definitely come from it: Amazitude. What's "amazitude," you ask?  After the summit ended … [Read more...]


Spouse Summit: Your BEST Military Life, Not Just His

Does it ever seem like the military only sees you in terms of what you can do for your husband? Or your wife? Or your partner? It can feel like they don’t quite realize that you have a life, … [Read more...]


Top 10 Signs You Are A Seasoned Marine Spouse

There is something about a “seasoned” Marine Spouse that I can’t help but love. As a Navy wife I sometimes pull on the role of seasoned spouse like I had dragged an area rug off the floor to … [Read more...]


4 Freaky Ways To Improve Your FRG

One of the things that always puzzles me about the Family Readiness Group is how well-meaning people get a reputation for being stuck up or cliquish or “wearing their husband’s rank.” I know … [Read more...]


Lighting Up Glassy Eyeballs on Capitol Hill

I consider glassy eyeballs a personal challenge. Those congressional staffers didn’t know it, but when I see glassy, pleasant, professional eyeballs turned on military families, I gotta change that. … [Read more...]


Why You Should Come to Military.com’s Spouse Experience

When we decided to launch Military.com’s live Spouse Experience event at bases across the country, we had our own reasons. We wanted to get out and see the bright, shining faces of our readers. We … [Read more...]


How NOT To Speak To Military Spouses

Other people dream of falling off a cliff.  Their nightmares feature running away from an attacker, losing all their teeth, or sitting down to take a final at a class they never attended. My … [Read more...]


FRG Leaders! Ombudsmen! FROs! Let SpouseBuzz Help You

At SpouseBuzz, we believe in military family professionals. All of you Ombudsmen and FRG leaders and Family Readiness Officers and Key Volunteers and Fleet and Family counselors and Marine Corps … [Read more...]


Top Ten Teen What Not To Wear

All military children are not sweet little babies clutching miniature American flags in their adorable fists. At a recent SpouseBuzz LIVE even in San Diego, CA, a group of moms reminded us that one in … [Read more...]


Spouse Programs Only For Stay Home Moms?

My boss told me this would happen. He said that if we hosted a SpouseBuzz LIVE event on a weekday that the working spouses would feel excluded and insulted. “No way,” I exclaimed. “There are … [Read more...]