What Every Military Mother Sees: Gold Star Moms

The Marine pilot chuckled when I showed him the picture my Army son sent me of himself with a giant weapon and a threatening expression. “I have a picture of myself at the same age exactly like … [Read more...]


Memorial Day: Take Time to Remember

On Memorial Day we set aside time as a nation to remember those who fell in service to our country. "We will never forget," we say, and yet for almost every day of the year the truth is that we get … [Read more...]


Widow: Honor the Lost by Serving the Living

The first few years following my sweet husband's death, I would not have been capable of doing this project. It was too raw and too close. The pain needed the covering of time and distance. What I … [Read more...]


Name a Service Puppy, Honor a Service Member

Parents, spouses and friends of fallen troops often tell me that their biggest fear is that their loved one will be forgotten. There is something powerful about just saying their names, about just … [Read more...]


Why Memorial Day Isn’t For You

For those of you in uniform, there's an easy test to determine if "Memorial Day" is for you: are you currently reading this article? If you answered "yes," then you and your family may wish to hold … [Read more...]


Landmark Study to Examine Military Loss and Grief

A federally funded, landmark, never been done before study is examining military loss and grief through direct interviews with adult and child survivors. The study, which you can read about in this … [Read more...]


Gold Star Parents Look to Honor Vets With Healing Retreat

Moving forward and healing from grief is a tricky thing that doesn't look the same way for everyone. But for Gretchen and Kirk Catherwood, whose son died in Afghanistan, healing themselves means … [Read more...]


New TAPS Education Program for Bereaved Families

Ashlynne Haycock was only ten years old when her father Sgt. First Class Jeffrey Haycock was killed in Iraq. But Ashlynne already knew education was important to him. “He made me learn all 50 … [Read more...]


Our PTSD Story: I Thought It Was The Alchohol

I thought that our problem was the alcohol. I thought it was the fifth of whiskey and the six-pack of beer he could put away in a night.  Instead our problem was combat PTSD.  And I couldn’t let … [Read more...]


When Every Day Is Memorial Day

I do not write this to make anyone feel guilty for saying "HAPPY Memorial Day!" (But please, don't do that.) I don't want anyone cringing because maybe they've said the wrong thing or been oblivious … [Read more...]


Gold Star Wife’s Courage Showcased in New Film

It wasn't long after Lisa Hallett's husband, Army Cpt. John Hallett, was killed by a roadside bomb in Afghanistan in August, 2009, that she turned to running as a way to cope. And when those of us in … [Read more...]


We Don’t ‘Stand By’ For Tragedy

Before the phone rings, it is a normal Thursday morning. Then we get the official word that there has been a casualty at the command. The next of kin has been notified, but the name has not yet … [Read more...]


She Had No Idea He Turned Down SGLI

Like so many of our service members, Lt. Cmdr. Landon Jones thought he was invincible. He was also the saver in his military home, squirreling away money for the future any way he could. Which is … [Read more...]


Dear America: You Failed Our Fallen Rangers

As a Army Ranger Regiment wife and wounded warrior spouse I know that we take care of our own. But what happens when our own make the ultimate sacrifice for a country that fails the left behind in … [Read more...]


Why Don’t Widows Already Get GI Bill?

When I was told that a bill making its way through the Senate would allow military widows to use their spouse's GI Bill, I was dumbfounded. How is that not already a thing? We actually need a new … [Read more...]


Mark Memorial Day by Remembering Life

I never expected to know military death, even from a distance. When death came, it was not to my doorstep. There were many times its shadow passed by my home, but it never rested here. It … [Read more...]


New Lifetime Series Helps Gold Star Families

A new Lifetime TV network project is raising money for Gold Star families – and you can help. Earlier this year at Military.com’s Spouse Summit, Lifetime Moms spent some time with some military … [Read more...]


Gold Star Wives Don’t Need Art Projects

The stories of the fallen must have just hit me wrong. I was stranded in a hotel lobby in Munich surrounded by people speaking Italian and French. We were all idly watching CNN’s coverage of the … [Read more...]