You Can’t Quit the Military!

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Top 10 Questions Before Your Military Transition

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Will Your Family Stay for 20 if Retirement Changes?

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Please Start ‘Thinking About’ Leaving the Military

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Can Pentagon Do More to Help Transitioning Families?

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10 Truths About Military Transition

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Why Didn’t You Tell Me I Would Miss Military Life?

It still happens sometimes. As I near the entrance to a store, I reach into my wallet and attempt to pull out my ID. Then, it dawns on me. I am not at the PX, I no longer carry a dependent's ID , and … [Read more...]


Should Spouses of Convicted Troops Get Benefits?

When Kris Johnson turned her husband, then Col. Jim Johnson, in for bigamy and other crimes she thought it would mean the end of any retirement benefits for both of them. She wanted justice to be … [Read more...]


Do Military Personnel Cuts Freak You Out, Too?

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Poll: How Has the Military Helped YOU Transition?

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Would You Stay in the Military Without the Benefits?

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Top Ten Reasons Our Dual Military Marriage Worked

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Prince William Hangs Up Flight Suit

He didn’t get passed over. His position wasn’t cut due to any sequestration. Prince William finished his 156 search and rescues for the British military. He put in his 1300 flying hours in his … [Read more...]


Help for the Big Transition Back to Civilian Life

We have decided to retire from the United States Marine Corps.  (deep breaths …) This is one of those life-altering events that we knew was coming – like giving birth – you know it’s got to … [Read more...]


Poll: Are You Afraid of Getting Out?

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How Can We Leave The Military Without Regret?

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Top Ten Reasons BizWorld Wants Your Servicemember

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Do Navy SEALs Deserve To Retire Early?

Somehow SEAL years are not the same as human years. When it comes to the physical toll, Navy SEAL years damage the body, age the body, risk the body far more than other kinds of military service.  So … [Read more...]