Why Does Getting Out Feel Like Quitting?

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Getting Out? Use This to Help You Know Where to Go

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5 Ways to Keep Transition From Making Your Head Explode

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What Does Military Transition Really Do to Marriage?

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Fake Homeless Veterans: What Do You Do?

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Poll: What Year of Military Transition Was Hardest For You?

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We Got the Pink Slip – And We’re Okay

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Why Don’t You Have a Plan B, Soldier?

“Always, always have a Plan B,” a SpouseBuzz reader advised an Army wife whose husband was recently passed over. “We serve at the pleasure of the President, and, as has been said by other … [Read more...]


My Soldier is Being Separated

For my entire 10 years as an Army Spouse, I have always thought that the only people that get kicked out of the military are the losers. The drug users. The thieves. The slackers. And then it … [Read more...]


Will You Ever Have a Forever House?

“Is this your Forever House?” our mayor asked while canvasing for reelection in our small town. She and I are both old house owners and old house lovers -- the kind of people who lust after … [Read more...]


Stop Living In the Past, New Retiree

Living in the past may be one of the unspoken hazards of leaving military life. Our younger daughter had some straight talk for my husband and me one summer when she came home from college. "You … [Read more...]


You Can’t Quit the Military!

Nobody “quits” the military. There is no walking into the first sergeant’s office and telling him that you are “grateful for the opportunity.” You can’t text the CO from your car in the … [Read more...]


Top 10 Questions Before Your Military Transition

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Will Your Family Stay for 20 if Retirement Changes?

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Please Start ‘Thinking About’ Leaving the Military

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10 Truths About Military Transition

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