Cute Marine Has Awesome Message For New Moms

New Moms, you know that moment when you catch sight of yourself in a mirror and a mommy suddenly stares back at you? You know that moment when you have had so little sleep you look like Frodo, … [Read more...]


Video: How to Help Someone With PTSD

I know there is a psychologist in Columbia, S.C. who is very happy I moved to San Antonio earlier this year. This poor guy,  Dr. Nick Lind of Post Trauma Resources, was so sick of talking to me on … [Read more...]


Video: What Female Servicemembers Want

Are there any married couples who enjoy a deployment?  There's not much I like about deployment-- except for maybe having total control of the TV remote and eating what I want for dinner. But … [Read more...]


Video: Macho Money

Financial planning – the most important yet boring thing on the planet. But everyone knows we don't spend enough time talking about it, especially as military families. Sequestration and additional … [Read more...]


Top 10 Misconceptions About Military Life

Non-military folks think they know what goes on here. Sure, much of their knowledge is based off TV ("Army Wives," anyone?) or movies (the military is just like "GI Joe!"). But they mean well. And … [Read more...]


New Lifetime Series Helps Gold Star Families

A new Lifetime TV network project is raising money for Gold Star families – and you can help. Earlier this year at Military.com’s Spouse Summit, Lifetime Moms spent some time with some military … [Read more...]


Video: Thank You, Jeremy

How many of you pay attention to the Military Spouse of the Year award? I didn't until I met Jeremy Hilton last year. It blew my mind that some guy was nominated for this “feminine-leaning” … [Read more...]


Video: Do you Understand PTSD?

When my wife deployed a couple years ago my biggest concern was that she would come home with some form of post traumatic stress disorder. The idea of PTSD scared the crap out of me because I didn't … [Read more...]


Video: Depression and the Male Military Spouse

Thousands of military spouses suffer with some degree of depression, but I believe male military spouses could be at greater risk simply because we're men. Relax ladies, I'm not trying to start a … [Read more...]


Video: How to be a Great Communicator

One of the first things I learned from interviewing male military spouses who have successful marriages is that they all talk with their wives. I'm not referring to common daily small talk, but actual … [Read more...]


Are You a Macho Spouse?

Isn't it time there was a male-specific resource dedicated to providing support and information to male military spouses and their families? Absolutely. And that's why I started Macho Spouse, an … [Read more...]


My Editor Thinks Men Don’t Read

I am afraid Jacey Eckhart has the wrong idea of why the Macho Spouse prefers video. When I first introduced her to my project to support male spouses and their families using video rather than written … [Read more...]


Video: MilSpouse Deployment Anthem

Warning: this will probably make you cry. Military spouse and musician Olivia Perez-Breland composed this heart wrenching deployment ... and then, just to show that she can do it all, directed, … [Read more...]


Yes, AGAIN: Spouse Notified of KIA Via Facebook

Yet another Army spouse learned of her husband’s downrange death through Facebook when a female Soldier in his platoon sent her a message saying there was an emergency and asking the spouse to call … [Read more...]


Musical Deployment Girl Power

Sometimes the trials and tribulations of military life leave me with only one solution ... and its name is "girl power music." There's something deeply empowering and freeing about turning a girl … [Read more...]


Monday Funny: Stuff Civilians Say …

There's a pretty good chance that you're guilty of saying some of this stuff accidentally once in a while as well ... or perhaps said it before you were a military spouse. It's not like I don't know … [Read more...]


Monday Funny: $*@# Military Wives Say

If you’re the same level of Facebook addict I am, you’ve probably noticed all the videos floating around titled “Sh*t my [insert pronoun] says.” These quick videos make fun of your people … [Read more...]


Missing Whitney and her “Star Spangled Banner”

Around here we really appreciate excellent performances of our National Anthem. And why wouldn’t we? We’re proud supporters of our flag, country and what it stands for. A great public performance … [Read more...]