Speak to Power, Connect at These Fall Events

A series of two events from the Military Officers Association of America (MOAA) in two different locations may be just the ticket you need to meet like-minded spouses, hear some great ideas, connect … [Read more...]


The Magic Power of These Puppies

That dogs make great therapy animals for physically or emotionally disabled veterans is not new. Using the actual dog training as emotional boot camp for recovering war-fighters? That’s a whole … [Read more...]


Dear Suicide: I Don’t Know How to Stop You

You are an enemy I cannot see until it is too late. And I don't know how to stop you. I'm tired of you taking my friends' spouses. I'm tired of you taking children, wives, husbands, daddies, … [Read more...]


Disability Help Added to Exchange Gas Stations

If you are a disabled military member or military family member who either has trouble getting out of your car to pump gas or getting the attention of a gas station attended to do it for you, life is … [Read more...]


Couples Needed for PTSD Study

“He doesn’t respond to my text messages during the day, and then all of a sudden he writes to tell me he’s not coming to the movie because he doesn’t want to leave the house today,” said the … [Read more...]


Warrior Care Month: Choose How Tragedy Changes You

I didn't know my husband when he served in the Army, nor when he was injured. In 1988, just months following his four years active duty and while in the reserves, Geoff was in a horrific motorcycle … [Read more...]


Chocolate Gravy: Comfort Food at Fisher House

Your mother would forbid chocolate gravy at breakfast. But when you are a guest of Fisher House—those lovely folks who provide free or low cost housing for wounded, ill or injured service members … [Read more...]


Caregivers of Vets Deserve These Proposed Perks

If you’re a caregiver of a veteran wounded before 9/11 you receive no stipend from the Veteran Affairs administration (VA), no health care and no mental health help. And if you receive the Defense … [Read more...]


Why Increased Base Security Is a Mistake

If you think the most recent mass shooting on Fort Hood means that we really ought to tighten up physical security on military bases, I'm betting you haven't spent much time on one lately. With … [Read more...]


Military Caregiver Study Findings Left Me Stunned

A newly released study found something that stunned even me – there are 1.1 million post-9/11 military caregivers in the US. As the program coordinator for Operation Homefront’s wounded warrior … [Read more...]


How to Help the Spouse of a Wounded Warrior

My husband was injured by an IED in Iraq in July of 2006. Since I work with Operation Homefront’s Hearts of Valor Program, I am able to work with caregivers of wounded, ill or injured service … [Read more...]


An Open Letter to My Med-Boarding Friend

I remember exactly where I was when I learned that your husband had been shot by an Afghan soldier during his own promotion ceremony. I slipped out of a room of people and cried and cried over the … [Read more...]


Viral Photo Sparks Honor, Not Pity — Finally

A photo of a woman toting her amputee husband on her back has gone wildly viral this week as commenter after commenter marvels at the couples’ apparent devotion. Former Marine Staff Sgt. Jesse … [Read more...]


What Does Kicking Out Service Animals Say About Us?

The story went viral. A young soldier who suffers from PTSD, was asked to take his service animal home from church and return without it. While Spc. Kristofer Magstadt says he was asked to leave, … [Read more...]


Why You Should Be Prepared for PTSD

Do you have any idea that the one you tearfully bid farewell may never be in your arms again -- at least not like you remember them? If your servicemember has experienced any level of combat, he could … [Read more...]


I Would Take That Bullet Again

On April 10, 2011 my phone rang with an unfamiliar number. Thinking it was my husband Jamie, I answered the phone quickly. But the voice on the other end didn’t sound anything like my husband. … [Read more...]


What I Learned About True Love From a Wounded Warrior

My husband was very seriously injured on October 3, 2005 in Northern Iraq. A grenade fell through the gunner’s hatch of his Stryker vehicle and exploded. We spent over six months in Walter Reed … [Read more...]


Video: Do you Understand PTSD?

When my wife deployed a couple years ago my biggest concern was that she would come home with some form of post traumatic stress disorder. The idea of PTSD scared the crap out of me because I didn't … [Read more...]