Marine Corps Exchange Ditches Some MilFam Books

The Marine Corps Exchange (MCX) system, which runs 17 stores on Marine bases stateside and in Japan, has elected to send back to the publisher many military family books, including those previously … [Read more...]


Submit Your Spouse of the Year Nominations NOW

Let's face it, our community is full of amazing people doing astounding things for their communities. A little public recognition not only sounds like a good idea -- it is the least we can do for … [Read more...]


Poll: What Should Your Service Member Do For You?

Yes, yes, yes. It’s an honor and a privilege to be married to a noble member of the military. We should be thanking them for all they do to selflessly serve this country.  Does that mean that they … [Read more...]


Survey: Accessing Benefits Really IS Hard

If you've ever tried to use military healthcare, get childcare on base or get employment help you've probably noticed one, overwhelming thing: it's hard. Maybe it's that there are no appointments for … [Read more...]


Credit Watchdogs: Expand Financial Protections for Troops

A new report from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) says that government officials really, really need to expand pay-day lender financial protections for troops if they want the rules to … [Read more...]


Food Shortage: DeCA to Airlift Cold Items to Japan, Korea

Commissary officials will be airlifting some short shelf life cold items to Korea, Okinawa and mainland Japan starting Jan. 13 in an attempt to end shortages of those items on many overseas … [Read more...]


Do We Avoid Depressed Spouses?

Decorating guru Nina Campbell taught her daughter from a young age never to arrange a chair off on its own or a shy person would end up sitting there with no one to talk to. I don’t worry about the … [Read more...]


10 Reasons I Believe In The Kindness Of Military Families

After having a routine mammogram, the technician informed me that a mass was found in my left breast. The doctor’s office ordered a biopsy to be performed two days later. With no family history, on … [Read more...]


Bad Money Advice We Should Have Ignored

Some money advice is good for everyone -- civilian and military alike. But sometimes the demands of a military lifestyle mean that good money advice goes bad on us. Why is that? At our … [Read more...]


Some Get Shorter Duty Days for the Winter

The families of soldiers who keep regular training hours at Fort Carson, Col. are in luck starting this week. A new decision by the post's commanders means that soldiers there won't be reporting … [Read more...]


Why Your Commissary’s Shelves Are Empty (This Time)

As any experienced commissary shopper knows, empty shelves are often also known as "pay day." And if you combine pay day with a Saturday and a $1.50 boxes of Cherrios? It starts to look like the … [Read more...]


Why Our Sailors and Airmen Won’t Take Your Sabbatical

Call it burnout if you want. But really, it’s greed, folks. It is the point in the military career when the desire and demand for every single hour of the service member’s day is exceeded only by … [Read more...]


Landmark Study to Examine Military Loss and Grief

A federally funded, landmark, never been done before study is examining military loss and grief through direct interviews with adult and child survivors. The study, which you can read about in this … [Read more...]


New DoD-Sanctioned Housing Site Now Live

A new website for finding rentals near military bases worldwide went live for service members late last month. Homes.mil is meant as a DoD-sanctioned replacement for AHRN.com, with which the DoD … [Read more...]


Husband Worries: What If My Wife Earns More Than Me?

“How can I justify staying in the military when my spouse earns more than me?” Those were not the exact words an Air Force major used to ask a panel on ‘Redesigning the All-Volunteer Force’ at … [Read more...]


Poll: Service Members Interview for Military Assignments?

In the military, you don’t get to pick your unit. Your service member can put in their preferences. They can agonize over their wish list, but that is the extent of influence they have over their … [Read more...]


Military Families and Contract Fine Print: Read It!

A story recently out of Utah highlighted just how important it is for military family members to read the fine print before signing a contract -- and to not just take a salesman at his … [Read more...]


Commissary: Shoppers Have Used 4.8 Million Digital Coupons

Commissary shoppers have used 4.8 million digital coupons at stores since the program launched in Aug., 2012, according to the Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA). But the biggest change to the … [Read more...]