Want That Personal Touch? Check Out This Job Board

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How I Bloom Where I Am Planted

I just moved back to the states. My family had the (wonderful, amazing, life changing) opportunity to live in Germany for three blissful years. I was able to ride a cog train up a mountain in the … [Read more...]


10 Things Every MilSpouse Crafter Thinks

Are you a crafty and DIY kind of spouse living in military housing or a rental? Then you’ll probably recognize yourself in this list. 10 Things Every MilSpouse Crafter Thinks   1. I sure … [Read more...]


A Letter to Uncle Sam From the Hurting

Dear Uncle Sam, Do you see me? I am the granddaughter of immigrants and the great-granddaughter of immigrants who came to this country for freedom to live the American Dream.  I am the daughter of … [Read more...]


MilFam Returns Stateside to Huge (Bad) Surprises

A military family with a home in Tampa, Florida returned from an overseas PCS to two big surprises. Not only were people living in their home without their permission or knowledge, but a management … [Read more...]


5 Reasons to Visit Blue Star Museums Now

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The Back to School Spending Blues

Even as one of those weird people who has an emotional connection with office supplies (OMG Post-it Notes, amiright?) back-to-school shopping for my six-year-old still drives me crazy. First of all, … [Read more...]


Back-to-School Tips for Military Families

Back to school is crazy for most families.  When a military family throws in a deployment or a PCS, we face even bigger craziness. As a former teacher of military children and a parent of my own mil … [Read more...]


11 Military Moving Tips From a PCS Pro

Practice doesn't make perfect when it comes to military moves, because the rules are always changing. But here are a few things I've learned over the past twenty years of moves. 11 Military … [Read more...]


New Program Offers Peer-to-Peer Counseling

Officials with Military OneSource have peeled off from their 800-number counselors pool a group of experts with military experience to run a new peer-to-peer counseling program. The idea behind … [Read more...]


Teach for America Looking for a Few Good MilSpouses

You are a teacher. You are a military spouse. You like helping kids learn and you like moving your career forward. But mostly you like having a job – mostly you just like getting paid. But … [Read more...]


Military OneSource Upgrade Coming August 1

The military flagship spouse and family support tool is planning to roll-out a new look and easier to navigate framework August 1. Military OneSource has long been advertised by military spouse and … [Read more...]


Spouse Employment LinkedIn Discussions Are a Win

A series of relaxed online discussions with military spouse friendly employers and employment insiders could just be the key landing your next job. That, at least, is what officials with the Defense … [Read more...]


About the Gate Guard that Never Smiles

During morning rush hour, cars creep forward in a queasy gas-break rhythm toward Gate 1. The most recent ISIS threats have prompted heightened security, so the guard is taking his time. After … [Read more...]


Military Resort Cracks Down on Unauthorized Guests (That’s You)

If you were thinking you'd travel to Europe and stay in the military's Edelweiss resort in Garmisch, Germany well, you're probably out of luck. That's because despite having a standing policy on … [Read more...]


12 Crazy Military Life Things We Weirdly Love

Welcome to the military spouse world, where up is sometimes down and left is sometimes right. It's a wonderful place, full of strange things that don't make most of us bat an eye. And if we're … [Read more...]


Commissary Delays in Europe Caused by More Dock Problems

If you noticed things were a little more sparse than usual at your commissary in Europe here's why: dock problems. Lots and lots of dock problems. A pretty hefty percentage of food stocked in … [Read more...]


Dear America: Cut the Crap and Learn Their Names

I was sitting in Firehouse Subs with my kids. It was a hot day, and we were out shopping, just killing time out of the house and out of the heat. We’d stopped for lunch and, as my boys laughed and … [Read more...]