Proposal Gives Help to Spouses of Some Convicted Troops

The spouses of retirement eligible troops who are convicted of crimes and have their pension taken away as a result could soon receive cash payouts to help them get back on their feet. The benefit … [Read more...]


Your Tricare Free Breast Pump Questions Answered

When Tricare posted their new breast pump and lactation support policy to their website last Friday and I wrote a story about it, I was immediately flooded by hundreds of emails from readers like you … [Read more...]


Uber Rolls Out MilSpouse Driver Push

The idea behind companies like Uber and Lyft is pretty simple: you drive your own car, they hook you up via smart phone with someone needing a ride, you pick them up and take them where they are … [Read more...]


9 Army Things That Drive Us Crazy

The Army's 240th birthday is June 14. That's 240 years of strength, service, honor ... and driving military spouses like me absolutely batty. I love being an Army wife. I love seeing my husband in … [Read more...]


Transfer That GI Bill Now: The Big New Benefit Risk

Think your favorite GI Bill perks, like being able to transfer it to other family members, are safe? Think again. There are two kinds of military pay and benefits: the kind that Congress … [Read more...]


Donut Day Delight: Krispy Kreme Going OCONUS

It's a fitting announcement on National Donut Day -- Krispy Kreme is headed OCONUS to Army and Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES) locations and commissaries in Europe. AAFES officials said the … [Read more...]


Military Wives Really ‘Most Sought After Surrogates?’

As many as 30 percent of all U.S. based surrogates are military wives. Or at least that's what some recent news articles would have you believe. Thanks to our penchant for sitting around doing … [Read more...]


An Open Letter to Military Benefits Haters

This post was originally published June 6, 2013. And although the articles it addresses are now two years old, attacks on military benefits continue and the open letter is still as pertinent today as … [Read more...]


Here’s What to Do When the Red Cross Message Line is Down

If you had an emergency over June 30, you may have noticed that the hotline Red Cross emergency messages was down for somewhere around 12 hours. You may have felt lost and not known how, exactly, to … [Read more...]


Give Them Your Best PTSD or TBI Support Idea

We are the people living on the front lines. We see the problems. We have ideas for solutions. And now we have a way to share them with the people who can make a difference. The Defense Center of … [Read more...]


Secrets You Can Use To Start Your Own Business

How do you take the talents and skills that you have and turn them into real money? That’s the question radio personality and social media marketer Kristen Robinson poses to the ten successful … [Read more...]


Free Tricare Breastfeeding Supply Policy Still Undecided

Update: less than a week after publishing it, Tricare announced their new policy. You can read about it here, or go here to see the new policy firsthand. Tricare officials say they don't expect to … [Read more...]


My Diagnosis: PCS Fatigue

My husband and I are in the throws of yet another PCS. This of course means a to-do list a mile long. I usually create a calendar mapping out on which days I’m doing what to prep our home for … [Read more...]


Commissary Changes: The Only Update You Need

We've come to that special time of year where lawmakers have had their individual says about our collective military benefit fate -- and things are about to get real. Early every year the … [Read more...]


Here’s Why You Should Marry Him, MilSo

Dear Military Spouse To Be: Just like a woman awaiting to give birth for the first time, you aren’t truly ready for military life. You can’t possibly know how much your heart can love, and … [Read more...]


Poll: Paycheck Worries Scare Away Vacation?

Budget cuts. Paycheck squabbles. Downsizing. Unpredictable deployment schedule. ... Summer vacation? With school on the verge of getting out for the year (or already out in some places) many … [Read more...]


Annual Free Museum Program Now Open

If you're looking for a fun way to spend some of the hotter days of summer, you're going to really love the annual Blue Star Museums program. Now in its sixth year, the program works with museums … [Read more...]


Memorial Day: Take Time to Remember

On Memorial Day we set aside time as a nation to remember those who fell in service to our country. "We will never forget," we say, and yet for almost every day of the year the truth is that we get … [Read more...]