Words Aren’t Adequate

Do yourself a huge favor. Grab some popcorn or beer or whatever floats your boat. Give yourself an hour, and watch.  I feel pretty small right now. If you're interested in the book, The Last … [Read more...]


From Double To Single

My husband came home from work last night and said his deployment got bumped forward a little.  It's not much, but it's enough to bump us from double digits down to single digits, which seems … [Read more...]


Fit Club: Report In!

If you missed our show with Nikki from Nikki Fitness last night, you really should go catch the archived version! We had Nikki for the entire hour, and talked about the two new DVDs she has coming … [Read more...]


Tonight On SpouseBUZZ Radio!

NIKKI FITNESS!!! You KNOW you want to hear this one!  We'll talk to Nikki about fitness, after baby kangaroo pouches, and just WHY my butt is still hanging around.  Seriously.  … [Read more...]


Army Wives: You Write the Script

Last week when we talked with Katherine Fugate, creator of Army Wives, we didn't have enough time to get to some suggestions for story lines/plots. But Katherine did say that her goal is to tell your … [Read more...]


America’s Favorite Mom: The Military Mom

Updated: Click here to see the video if you missed the show. NBC and Teleflora are hosting an "America's Favorite Mom" Contest. Over the past three months, people have nominated their … [Read more...]


New Card Offered Through AAFES

This post is for informational purposes only! New Military Star card works off base … [Read more...]


The Military Name Game

Yesterday I happened across this at Loquita's Blog, which she quoted from Life As I Know It:The guys always refer to each other by last names, except those who are close or see each other outside … [Read more...]


National Military Family Assn. – Government and You E-News April 29, 2008

1. Last Chance to Apply for Financial Counseling Fellowship! 2. Sesame Workshop Launches Phase Two of Military Families Outreach 3. Smooth Moves for Military Families 4. Make Room in Your Pantry! 5. … [Read more...]


Talk, Listen, Connect: Deployments, Homecomings, Changes

As previously discussed, Sesame Workshop's newest video for military children is now available. Sesame Workshop Launches Phase Two of Military Families Outreach … [Read more...]


Next is the Ninja. Or the Cowboy. Maybe a Pirate.

Last night Air Force Guy and I made a startling realization. Thanks to his military career and the subsequent military career changes, he's been able to check three of the "little boy dream … [Read more...]


Did You Know?

AF Family Life Consultant Program Army MWR Summer Sweepstakes Autism Campaign Launched British Open Tickets Available Children's Book Series Available Commissaries Offer Guard, Reserve Sales Donate a … [Read more...]


Calling Milspouse Pet Owners

Most of you know that I really love my pets - large and small, so.......... Do you have pets?  Large, small, domestic, exotic? Wanna have some fun and put Milpets in the spotlight? … [Read more...]


Warm up your #2 pencil

Okay, okay, I suppose there are a few of you out there who may have never used a #2 pencil ... or even know that wood was formerly used to encase the lead ... in the times before mechanical pencils... … [Read more...]


Weekend Homework Assignment

Which category do you fall in, and why? - You married into the military and loved the lifestyle from the outset. - You married into the military and found it difficult to transition from the civilian … [Read more...]


Have Fun. That’s an Order.

A guy in my husband's company is hosting a cook-out today, and yesterday the commander gave a subtle order that everyone in the company must attend. Only in the military can you get an order to attend … [Read more...]


SBTR: Live TONIGHT with Katherine Fugate

Update: Katherine was a fabulous guest. If you missed the show, click the play button below to hear the archived version: A reminder to come back here at 9:00 p.m. EST for our live show featuring … [Read more...]


Fit Club – Report In!

You know, I have been so darn proud of all you SpouseBuzz folk participating in Fit Club.  You've worked hard to keep up with your commitment, you report in faithfully, you have been so positive … [Read more...]