Tonight on SpouseBUZZ Radio!!

Join Guard Wife and I tonight at 9 EST at  SpouseBuzz Talk Radio!  Top of the 9pm hour, we will be joined by fellow military Spouse Tiffany Booher, who authored the book Spouses Also … [Read more...]


Bonding Season begins!

It's that season again.  Time for military brats everywhere to begin the age old bonding ritual that has been amazing parents for generations.  I was witness to this ritual among my own … [Read more...]


Things That Crack Me Up

Since we are no longer living on a base and we are living in a community that is not largely military, I've started a new past-time:  watching my kids interact with kids who have never been … [Read more...]


I’m So Clueless: The PCS Tipping Edition

Due to the overwhelming success of the first edition of I'm So Clueless, I need some more help with PCS tipping etiquette. While I'm sure that there are more people that I should tip, I'm mostly … [Read more...]


Helping Military Children SOAR

We previously discussed helping military children have educational opportunities they deserve and the Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Children. More opportunities are … [Read more...]


The Universal Military Rewards Card

My wallet literally exploded yesterday, and it wasn't because I have wads of money in it either, trust me. No, it's because everywhere I move, I accumulate new reward/bonus cards, something that every … [Read more...]


Pimp Your Stuff: March Edition

We've had some really cool stuff submitted for this edition of Pimp Your Stuff, so let's get started... Love this:I work in Design at EtchStar.com.  We customize iPods, cell phones, laptop … [Read more...]


Did You Know?

Noteworthy items from this week's Military Report: Combat-Related Compensation Changes Tuition Assistance Top-Up Program Navy's New PT Uniforms COLA Increases in Europe Army's Post-Deployment … [Read more...]


Groundhog Day

We're approaching peak PCS season. A lot of military families have their new orders in hand and are beginning to make transportation appointments, search for housing at their new destination and sort … [Read more...]


Where’s the Spouse Leave on the LES?

This weekend things came to a head.  I found myself thinking something I had promised myself years and years (way more years than I want to admit to) that I would never consider. … [Read more...]


Summer is coming… what do I do with the kids?!?!

If you are a parent and your spouse is deployed, please read this and follow the links.  I was perusing through the Operation Homefront website and came across a great page that gives tips and … [Read more...]


SpouseBUZZ Fit Club – Report In!

This week I was confronted with my worst diet and exercise enemy.  … [Read more...]


A Step Toward ID Protection

Military family member ID Cards will soon undergo some changes.  The coming changes are a step in the right direction.  … [Read more...]


News Reserve and National Guard Families Can Use

If you are a Reserve or National Guard family - these updates are just for you! … [Read more...]



Today, our post had a social worker speak about raising resilient children.  One of her points was that family rituals help create structure for children, especially during times of … [Read more...]


Deployment Gremlins

As wives, we're aware that at the beginning of any deployment, something will break.  For some arrogant reason, I did not think that, as a mom, I would have to deal with the gremlins.. Boy, was I … [Read more...]


From the Mailbag

An Army wife sends in this question:I wanted to ask you about something, looking for a bit of advice. I think my husband might be suffering from PTSD and I'm not sure what to do. I've looked up the … [Read more...]


Month of the Military Child

April is designated as the Month of the Military Child. Many exciting activities and events will be taking place for military children during the month of April.  … [Read more...]