Now THAT’s What I Call Making an Entrance….

The funniest PCS story I've ever heard didn't come from a military family, it came from a Department of the Army civilian contractor who my husband once worked with. My husband and I recall the story … [Read more...]


Advice from the Trenches

When taking a roiling horde of children to get passports done, be sure to take some kind of calming medication.  Valium might work.  Or large quantities of wine. For you, or for the … [Read more...]


Could You Be A Mentor?

Are you willing to give of yourself in order to help a child?  Are you willing to mentor children of our fallen heroes? … [Read more...]


Bloggers’ Roundtable with Secretary Pete Geren

Some of you (one of you?) may remember my opportunity to speak with the then-acting Secretary of the Army, Mr. Pete Geren when he visited Schofield Barracks back in July of 2007. This morning I had … [Read more...]



I think the blog Non-Essential Equipment is one of the most cleverly named military spouse blogs out there.  How did she come up with the name?When a soldier is packing up for a mission, he is … [Read more...]


R&R – A Double Edged Sword

In the comments of Sarah's latest post, "SweetestSass" asks a tough question...is it normal to have mixed feelings about and during R&R? Completely normal if you ask me.    … [Read more...]


March Madness and the Biggest Prize Giveaway Yet on SBTR – UPDATED: Show to be Rescheduled

UPDATED and BUMPED: Tonight's show is canceled as there is a scheduling conflict for one of our guests. We will let you know when the show is rescheduled. We apologize for the inconvenience, but these … [Read more...]


A Request for an Interview

Andrea Downing Peck, a writer for Military Spouse Magazine, has a request for those of you who may be interested. If so, you can contact Andrea at canwrite4u@yahoo.com.I am currently working on a … [Read more...]


Did You Know?

Noteworthy items from this week's Military Report: AF Uniform Board Goes Virtual VA Welcome Home Event 2008  Tell Your Story  Stimulus Rebate Calculator Housing Rates to Increase in Guam … [Read more...]


Oh. My. God.

This morning I thought, "Wow!  Things seem to be going really smoothly lately!  How nice!" That is a very stupid thing for airforcewife to do.  Very stupid.  … [Read more...]


He’s Definitely Probably Deploying. Maybe.

This post has been a long time coming.  My husband is deploying.  No, for real, I mean it this time.  Seriously.  Why don't you believe me? In 2006, I wrote about giving my husband … [Read more...]


I hate this.

Apparently, I offended a neighbor last week.  I was working on a volunteer project and I was looking for help.  In true "action oriented" style, I left a succinct and probably … [Read more...]


Happy Easter

Today is another Holiday.  For those of us who practice Christianity, one of the most important holidays of the year.  So I wish you each well today.  I am reminded once again that … [Read more...]


Camp Registration 24 March – 5 May

Military families can register their children for Operation Purple Summer Camps beginning 24 March.  Registration ends 5 May. What is Operation Purple? … [Read more...]


Simply Saturday

Our weekdays are usually packed. School, Awana, gymnastics, errands, doctor and dentist visits, homework, night classes, gym time...it goes on and on. I've found that by the end of the week, we're … [Read more...]


Getting ready to get moving…

As I stumbled around the internet, I came across a inspiring post about preparing to move. If you've got a PCS looming on the horizon, head on over to Life Lessons of a Military Wife for great tips to … [Read more...]


the old dog, must learn new tricks. Watch me jump through this hoop!!

The DITY move progresses.   I might add it is progressing at a snails pace.  Between single parenting, and the extended illness, the unexpected bout of Southern snow (twice), well I am … [Read more...]


SpouseBUZZ Fit Club: Report In!

I am so darn bored.  I really am.  On Wednesday it took me three hours to stop dreading running up and down the stairs and force myself to work-out.  I'm already dreading the stairs … [Read more...]