Army Wives: Season Finale Discussion Thread

Hummm, where to start? Let's make it simple this week. I didn't particularly like the season finale because I thought the ending was weak. After twelve weeks of pretty solid entertainment, they lost … [Read more...]


SpouseBUZZ Pajama Party – TONIGHT! Topic: Army Wives Season Finale

Update: Might be fun to put your predictions for tonight's finale in the comment section, then we can compare them to what happened at the end of the show and see if anyone guessed correctly. No fair … [Read more...]


Military Injured Relief Funds

Was someone in your family injured in Iraq/Afghanistan? Did you know that your family may be entitled to a state grant based on injuries sustained during deployment to Iraq/Afghanistan? It's … [Read more...]


A Friendship in Transformation

I have a friend I have known as long as my husband's been in the Army.  Her husband and mine started at the same time and followed similar career paths.  They both ended up in Germany, … [Read more...]


Because We Need to Know, and We Must Be There For Them

I didn't sleep a wink last night. … [Read more...]


Recruiting: Army Wife Style

Who are these Army wives? I want them. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with them, but I want them. Bwahahahah. Love it! Yes, the video is on auto-play, even though I switched the loop in the HTML … [Read more...]


I Don’t Like My Children

Now, let me clarify.  I love my children.  I love them very much.  I would step in front of an M1 tank for them if necessary.  I gave up a career to stay home and take care of them … [Read more...]


Road Trip and “togetherness”

DH and I recently took a road trip of more than 2600 miles - from Seattle, WA to western PA!  He was TDY for the summer and I flew out to WA to meet him so we could drive back together, minus the … [Read more...]


This is for Drowning Pool

airforcewife and I had the pleasure of talking with Drowning Pool's lead singer, Ryan McCombs recently. If you didn't hear the interview (Ryan makes his appearance about 20 minutes in so you can … [Read more...]


And Now, I Have Reached My Breaking Point

The U.S. Army has played some pretty nasty tricks on me before, but this time...this time, they've gone too far. … [Read more...]


A Frank Conversation About the Unthinkable

A couple of weeks ago, AWTM and I interviewed Kristin Henderson on SpouseBUZZ Talk Radio. We devoted the entire program to "anticipatory grief." That's a term that simply means that you … [Read more...]


Get into that kitchen and rattle those pots and pans

It's been a blue couple of days here at Casa Semper Fi.  All of the "little" Semper Fis are back at their respective institutions of higher learning, Soul Sister has PCS'ed to the other … [Read more...]


Fireworks and Other Faux Pas

During Pamela's radio show on Army Wives Episode 11, she talked about her husband "bringing the fireworks" when he returns from a deployment.  Later Chase came to her and said her … [Read more...]



Yesterday,  we all woke under the same roof!  What a way to start the day. You see, like most of you, my DH has been gone a lot in the past 5 years.  It is the nature of the job.  … [Read more...]


Did you know?

Included in this week's Military Report: 168,000 to Lose TRICARE Prime Coverage  Add $5,400 to Your GI Bill  Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society Scholarships  Full Replacement Value Begins … [Read more...]


The Bleed-Over Effect

Military life doesn't just affect our lives. Often, it bleeds over into the lives of our close friends and family. We've discussed this topic before here at SpouseBUZZ. Last week I was talking to a … [Read more...]


With a Little Help From My Friends

This has been one of those summers I will not be sorry to see the tail end of.  I might even throw a party.  A big one.  A giant party with a huge banner that says, "Don't Let … [Read more...]


Army Wives: Episode Twelve Discussion Thread

While I enjoyed last night's episode of Army Wives, I was expecting a bigger build-up to next week's season finale. That didn't happen, but there was still plenty going on. … [Read more...]