Thanks For Visiting, You’re Welcome Back Anytime

Two weeks ago after my husband and I came home from church, I was looking forward to spending the rest of the day tackling my ambitious to-do list. We changed clothes. I got to work and my husband … [Read more...]


The Mouths of Babes

My friend sent me a cute article from Stars and Stripes called Email is for kids, too.  It's about letting your little ones email their deployed parent.  I loved this line from a … [Read more...]


Stressed = Desserts, right?

Stressed.  Or is it Desserts?  I wish that my life was simply dessert all of the time.  How about you? … [Read more...]


Weekly Gratitude

I have an abundance of things to be thankful for this morning.  Autumn, in all of its beauty has arrived.  The roofs around the neighborhood have frost in them on the morning.  The … [Read more...]


I could hear it in his voice

I called my husband the other night to tell him I'd be home later than expected.  He sounded tired, but "something else" was in his voice.  Then he told me one of the soldiers he … [Read more...]


Faith on the Homefront

We're close to receiving our 10,000th comment here at SpouseBUZZ. If you look back through some of the posts, you'll notice that many spouses have commented that faith has been one of their most … [Read more...]


Oh, Yes Sir. The Army Does Issue Wives Now…

A few days ago, AWTM wrote about spending her day at the commissary with some retirees. Last week when I was traveling, I found myself at Baltimore International Airport. I saw a lot of Navy t-shirts … [Read more...]


No, really. We’re fine.

MacGyver's been home 288 hours (give or take) after a 15-month deployment to Iraq. And in that 288 hours, we've been asked at least 288 times, "So, how are things going? Are you two readjusting … [Read more...]


I forgot to ask Anita Renfroe if she had her jammies on….

Tonight, during the SpouseBuzz pajama party, we were delighted to have Mrs. Anita Renfroe on. In case you have not been able to listen or see Mrs. Renfroe, take a look. … [Read more...]


Hey Mommy, Where’d the Big Girl Go?

I have a slew of nieces and nephews. I was fortunate enough to be at the hospital when my sister had all of her babies. A rarity for most milspouses. For a while, I was able to make it home for the … [Read more...]


Gotta Go, I’m on My Way to Booty Camp

Well, since airforcewife has totally trashed our reputation and all, I figure...why not? Pole dancing, anyone? … [Read more...]


Better Hurry….

....we only have 19 seats left for SpouseBUZZ LIVE Ft. Bragg/Pope AFB. It looks like we'll have a sell out soon. Reserve your seat now. … [Read more...]


PBJ? Turkey on Rye? “Sandwiched?”

Many of you are in a unique place ... sandwiched between kids and what it takes to raise those kids, and parents, who for many of the right reasons, are living longer and are entering a zone of life … [Read more...]


Can you hear me now?

Yesterday, I went to the commissary sick. And on Federal payday, which means I was there with a population of retirees. Which meant, I followed behind a 60-something year old retiree, as he pondered … [Read more...]


Catching Up

I'm still on the road searching for DoD stickers, so I'm late in publishing this post. Last Sunday evening, our mystery guest on SpouseBUZZ Talk Radio was Sean Gilfillan of To the Fallen Records. You … [Read more...]


Traumatic Brain Injury

[Read more...]


The Further Naked Adventures of airforcewife

Poor Andi.  What with GBear's nude pediatrician neighbor, my potty issues, Andi's own incident with downloading adult content emails, and my adventures with the packers; SpouseBUZZ's G Rating may … [Read more...]


They’ll make a difference

Recently, it was my very good fortune to be able to represent SpouseBUZZ at a forum of senior officer and senior enlisted spouses from one of the Air Force's major commands.  I along with GBear, … [Read more...]