A person in your neighborhood….

The greatest thing about Spousebuzz, is the connectivity it provides to other milspouses going through the same you you are going through.  It is a valuable resource of information.  A place … [Read more...]


I’m So Clueless! – Commissary Baggers Edition

As you know, I've been doing this Navy thing for a few years.  15, actually.  And I am still dying to know the answer to this one question:  How much am I supposed to tip the … [Read more...]


The Poacher Dude

We run into all sorts of people during our tours.  Have you ever noticed that every assignment seems to have certain personality types that people fall into?  There's usually "The Busy … [Read more...]


National Military Family Assn. – Government and You E-News

For the week of January 22, 2008 1. House Approves Revised Defense Authorization Bill 2. Military Children to Benefit from New Interstate Compact 3. New Arizona Tax Law Benefits Military Families 4. … [Read more...]


Smack Down: The Domestic Goddess Edition

I remember stocking the cupboards with my husband's favorite foods just before he redeployed. I purchased all the ingredients to make the yummy casseroles and homemade treats that he enjoys. My … [Read more...]


Help military children have educational opportunities they deserve

Changing schools can be a huge ordeal for military families and military children.  Education curriculum and education requirements can vary tremendously between states and between school … [Read more...]


TRICARE Reminder

You have a few days left to submit your TRICARE questions for our show with General Granger. … [Read more...]


Thinking Outside the Box: Military Spouses for Creative Solutions

Over the past few days, as a result of the recent USA Today article, our collective heads have been swirling with thought. Emails between the SpouseBUZZ crew have been flying back and forth. And I do … [Read more...]


Adjustment or overkill?

My Husband had recently applied, and was hired to a new position.  This has been good news for our family, on several fronts.  We will be moving to our home state, where we have family and … [Read more...]


“Tell Him We Said Hello”

My father spent a few years in the Army before he met my mother. He has a love of all-things-Army. Many years ago, while stationed in Texas, my husband and I had some single soldiers over to our home … [Read more...]


Did You Know?

Noteworthy items from this week's Military Report: Association Offers Congressional GuideExchanges Sponsor SweepstakesFemale Marine Nominees Sought for AwardHelping Children Cope During … [Read more...]


“I Serve FOR My Children”

Blogger and Army wife Sis B just went through an ugly custody battle for her son.  At the trial, her ex-husband's lawyer came at her current husband, Soldier Boy, with this line of questioning:At … [Read more...]


Protocol Primer

I'm not the most politically adept person.  I have a certain knowledge of basic protocol and am not completely embarassing when left in public, unless of course I'm really hungry!  I firmly … [Read more...]


Mission: Accomplished

Let it hereby be known that AirForceWife can now knit socks.Let the love flow... … [Read more...]


Even More Military Wife Confessions

As I check around the military spouse blogs, I've noticed something.  Whenever pictures are posted I think, "Wow, that chick has a totally hawt husband!"  Not that I'm being a … [Read more...]


When Insanity Takes Over

The Army just threw us a curve ball. This one was a bit different than others that have been thrown at us over the years. This one was a good curve ball, and one we're very excited about. Now, I … [Read more...]


I have an idea…

Something like this may already exist in one or more places in our military community, but I have yet to hear about it.  So just in case, I'm throwing an idea out there that I think could really … [Read more...]


Bringing a Little Navy to SpouseBUZZ

I've been working on some self-introductions, and my drafts are truly witty, or thoughtful, or just darn good.  But they will also never be perfect, and so I'm diving right in. I'm She of the … [Read more...]