SpouseBUZZ Fit Club: Report In!

You know, you people are keeping me in check.  Honestly.  The very thought that I have to report in every Friday about how well I've managed to keep up does wonders to stop me from running … [Read more...]


Being A New Military Spouse or Family Member

Military OneSource has a wonderful resource guide available for new Army Spouses and Family Members. While the guide is directed specifically at Army type programs and information, a great deal of the … [Read more...]


You Really Can’t Run Away

The weekend begins tomorrow with the arrival of my inlaws and my other daughter.  My mother arrives Saturday and Lancelot has to leave Sunday for another week's travel.  I had a couple of … [Read more...]


Tonight on SpouseBUZZ Talk Radio

Tonight on SBTR, ArmyWifeToddlerMom and I will be speaking with Army wife and author, Sara DaWalt. Sara wrote 365 Deployment Days: A Wife's Survival Story. (sorry, had broken link - link is fixed … [Read more...]



About a week ago, SemperFi Wife announced the return of Cassandra's husband.  Today I'd like to announce the return of Heather S's husband.  Heather has been reading and commenting here at … [Read more...]


Living in a Military World

There are many reasons I enjoy my time living in the military world, and I was reminded of a big one yesterday.  Keep in mind, it has been many a year since I've "lived" military, as … [Read more...]


Give Me the Coffee and Leave Me Alone

Don't call my house Sunday.  Don't stop by, don't expect any decent interaction.  I'm not going to shake anyone's hand peacefully during mass.  I.  Hate.  Daylight … [Read more...]


Have Some Milspouses Been Holding Out on the Rest of Us?

I could be wrong. Indeed, I could. And I want to believe. Indeed, I do. But I'm not buying it. I am....head down....a cynic. … [Read more...]


Coming Soon – For Children of Wounded Heroes

We previously discussed that a new Sesame Street DVD, designed to help injured veterans talk about their disabilities with their children, would be available in 2008.  Initial articles stated … [Read more...]


Conspiracy theories, salmon, and stuff

AWTM's post about being 'Spartan' started me thinking... We are anything BUT 'spartan'. My husband is a pack rat and I find I have a few of those tendencies too (thanks, Dad). Thankfully, military … [Read more...]


Bringing in the Bulldozers

I live in military housing, old military housing.  Our house is small and hasn't been maintained much during the last few years as the privatized housing company makes their master plan for … [Read more...]


PCS, the weather and Plan B. You ALWAYS need a Plan B!

It is my final Spring in the Midsouth and I have been savoring every single moment of clear skies, daffodils, and forsythia in bloom.  I woke this morning, opened the blinds to see all is … [Read more...]


Did You Know?

Noteworthy items from this week's Military Report: Combat Veteran Care Extended Disability Evaluation System Finalized Fitness Tip of the WeekFree SAT Software for Vets and Families Garden of Hope … [Read more...]


Military vs. Careers

This week's Air Force Times newspaper has given me lots of food for thought. It was focused partly on the best careers to get into for military and military spouses and educational … [Read more...]


Pimp Your Stuff: February Edition

It's that time again. The list isn't quite as extensive as last month's list, but there's still some links to browse. If you've got stuff to pimp, send us an email. Provided it's appropriate, we'll … [Read more...]


Thanks, Mom

Over the years, the many and varied PCS moves gather a rhythm completely of their own making.  When notified, we're excited about the impending new locale, we scour the Internet for information, … [Read more...]


Just when I thought I was Spartan

We have been at our current place of residence for 8 years now.  In Army Wife years that equals 16.  I noted for the last week or so I was having a tremendously hard time packing.  I … [Read more...]


I Love This Product

I purchased something for myself.  I rarely do that.  In all honesty - it is really a household item.  But, I know that I will absolutely use it more than anyone else in my … [Read more...]