The Cherry Pop Tarts Are Calling

This weekend, Hubs has duty.  My mother is entertaining M1 and M2.  I am home alone and I should be working on a research project. But, I'm not.  I'm considering having an affair... … [Read more...]


I Love Them Because They Love Us

We just returned from visiting Busch Gardens in Williamsburg.  It.  Was.  Awesome. … [Read more...]


It’s been a long wait

Teacher Ready to Fly to Space Station I was in 9th grade. Mr. Cooper's social studies class. We were watching a movie and the English teacher from down the hall came running into the room. She … [Read more...]


Anticipating the Worst

I knew exactly how it would play out. I'd gone over it a million times in my head. Sometimes during the middle of the day, sometimes at night when I couldn't sleep. I refused to be caught … [Read more...]


And the Winner is…..

We had a fierce competition on our hands for June's "What's Your Story Contest." The topic was, "What I want civilians to know about my life as a military spouse." All of … [Read more...]


“what if” we are normal?

We have talked about the "what if" scenario here at SpouseBuzz, and at our SpouzeBuzz Live events. Your Husband/Wife/Son/Daughter, prepares for war, and we prepare ourselves. There is a … [Read more...]


Did you know?

Included in this week's Military Report: Enter the ROTC Blog Contest  TRICARE Unveils HealthBeat  Female Veterans Face Added Challenges  Exchanges Celebrate Back-to-School  Return … [Read more...]


So You Want to Be a Milspouse?

Since the debut of Army Wives (episode ten discussion thread coming soon), it's become my guilty pleasure. Usually, I only watch cable news. Recently, I found yet another show that has captured my … [Read more...]


In Focus: Operation Good Shoes

If you're budgeting for back-to-school shopping like I am, you will more than likely be in the market for some good, sturdy shoes. Or, even if you don't have kids, you know some. And, if you … [Read more...]


Christmas in July, PCS-Style

As most of you know, my husband and I have just completed a PCS move. You can expect more on that later, I have material to last for days.... Before the packers came, I went through all of the rooms … [Read more...]


Milspouse Confession

If I forget a load of laundry in the dryer, and it gets wrinkly. I wash it again.  … [Read more...]


Seems like only yesterday …

.... that the boss and I were on the move -- and this unlike the other 20 or so PCS' we've had, seemed to be different on many levels. To be a bit more specific, it wasn't the moving, it was the … [Read more...]


Unfinished business as usual…

My DH is on his way home after being away at a 6 month training.  And oddly enough, I am not running around like a chicken with its head cut of.  Because the old me, well she would have … [Read more...]


In One of Those Patented “airforcewife” Moments…

I just had the most wonderful chat and interview on SpouseBuzz Radio with Shannon, an Air Force spouse who made the transition from 6 years of active duty and 6 years in the reserves to full time Air … [Read more...]


Do deployments increase child abuse and neglect?

Have you seen all of the news surrounding a newly published study in regards to Army Families?  The study which says "Combat-Related Deployments Responsible for Increased Child Abuse, … [Read more...]


Greetings and Welcome and Thank you!

To the Frequent and Faithful Folks (F3) who've been along on the SpouseBUZZ ride since the inception - I've missed you.  Greetings! To those of you I haven't had the opportunity to talk with, … [Read more...]


Your home. Your castle

In a conversation in comments on a past post, I noticed how many spouses talked about not being able to sleep when the DH is gone.I could definitely relate to that problem especially when the kids … [Read more...]


A Most Excellent Discussion

Tomorrow night, Thursday August 2, on SpouseBUZZ radio promises to be very interesting, as we explore the transition from being an Active Duty military member to having that tan ID card of a … [Read more...]