From the Other Point of View

The soldier who blogs at Shield of Achilles just watched his unit deploy.  He wrote a post called The Hardest Part About Leaving for War...If you have family, you know what's the hardest part … [Read more...]


Double the Fun

While my husband was deployed, I set out to do some yardwork one day. I grabbed the weed eater, which was fairly new, and a good one. When I turned the weed eater on, it made a dull buzzing sound, but … [Read more...]


SpouseBuzz Book Club: The Real Stars

As a military spouse, I really must say I was proud when Ben Stein wrote a piece titled The Real Stars, for his Monday Night At Morton's gig.  I recall it being sent to me via e-mail, I read the … [Read more...]


Imagine This…

You get a call one night from your deployed husband. He tells you to sit down and take a deep breath. You know he's alive, so you wonder what this is all about. Was a friend injured or killed? Was … [Read more...]


It’s a spouse’s life

Let me set the scenario that led to my very rude response to a phone call: 1. Papa Bear is TDY (of course)2. Goober (7) is whining because of a broken arm - which Papa Bear broke while practicing … [Read more...]


Odds and Ends

First of all, the SpouseBUZZ fliers are finally here! You can email them, post them on your message boards, virtual FRGs or print copies and take them to your ACS office or spouse club event. Thanks … [Read more...]


What’s In a Name?

I've noticed that several of the wives who post on SpouseBUZZ, both as authors and as active and much appreciated commenters, have online nicknames for their husbands. I'm jealous.  And I'm … [Read more...]


Becoming a Milspouse

Last weekend, I got to do something I'd never done before.  I got to see a friend become one of us. … [Read more...]


SpouseBUZZ Blog Series, Part III: Privacy Concerns

So now you have a blog and want to write about your deployment or your day-to-day life in the military.  What should you be concerned about in the very public world of milblogging? Most spouses I … [Read more...]


I Love This Product

As I mentioned on our last radio program, we're launching a new series here at SpouseBUZZ called, "I love this product." From time to time, we'll be publishing posts that feature products we … [Read more...]


The Handywoman Can

click to enlarge Deployments, TDY assignments and field training often leave us without our handyman. We have to take matters into our own hands. We become the handyman. … [Read more...]


Military Home Owner Woos?

A new comment on a prior posting got me thinking.  How are recent changes in the US housing market impacting military families, if at all?  How many of you are having issues trying to sell … [Read more...]


Who are you, and what did you do with my husband?

Sometimes my husband does things that surprise the heck out of me.  Like today.  I came home from my internship just as he was pulling in to the driveway.  He's never home that early, … [Read more...]


You Never Know Who We May Talk To Next…

SpouseBUZZ Talk Radio is a fairly new addition to the blog. Even so, we've hosted some very interesting, humorous and emotional shows. Our guests have included authors, actors, filmmakers, … [Read more...]


A lot of Negative Talk about Military Marriages

You see it in the news, you see it on military/military spouse type forums.  Military marriages are doomed, military marriage sucks, marry a military man and you will be divorced sooner rather … [Read more...]


Temporary single parent

One of the most common questions I have been asked during this never-ending deployment is, "How do you DO the single parent thing?" That is often followed up with "I could never do … [Read more...]


The Army Integrated Family Support Network

Big changes are in store for Army families, active and reserve components. News you can use:The Army Integrated Family Support Network, a new program to provide assistance to Soldiers and their … [Read more...]


Listen, Learn and Laugh

Guard Wife hosted an excellent show about scrapbooking military-style on Thursday. I'm not a scrapbooker, but I listened to the show and was surprised to find that I learned a lot. Some of what I … [Read more...]