Deep breaths. Deeeeeep breaths…..

This was my internal mantra while on the 2nd panel at SBL3 in Fayetteville.  After about 2 sentences, I started crying and surprised the heck out of myself.  I mean, DH was wounded 2 1/2 … [Read more...]



You still have a few days left to enter our "What's Your Story" contest. Details here. And don't forget to send your nominations in for the SpouseBUZZ Smooch, which will debut in January. … [Read more...]


Dealing With Fear

At SpouseBUZZ LIVE Ft. Bragg/Pope, we talked about anticipatory grief. I told the story about how I planned the knock at the door and my husband's funeral. You can read about that here, and AWTM's … [Read more...]


We Are Family

If you haven't caught last night's SpouseBUZZ Radio show with Ashley, you really MUST catch it in the archives here. Our military family community was out in force, helping one of our newest members … [Read more...]



I recieved this, last night.  The Armed forces foundation, can not find anyone who wants a free house in theRaleigh/Ft Bragg area that is wounded. Can you put out the word that we arelooking for … [Read more...]


Guilty Pleasures

I confess that I'm in kind of a funk right now.  Not helpful considering the things I'm committed to doing this month.  Not helpful at all but I think everyone has those days, right? I have … [Read more...]


SpouseBuzz Live 3…Remains of the Day

I can't believe almost a week has passed since SpouseBuzz LIVE took place in Fayetteville.  It's also hard to believe how many times a man can say, "Let's just do it and then we can … [Read more...]


I Love This Product

We all get a little stressed on occasion.  Often times we do not do as much to take care of ourselves as we could or should. That is why I love this product! … [Read more...]


Let’s Help a Lady Out

Tonight on SpouseBUZZ Radio we'll be doing things just a little different - because the show will be all about YOU calling in to give our guest advice. We'll say hello to Ashley, whose soldier is just … [Read more...]


My Dear Husband will never make General, Reason 4,375

I will caveat this with my DH would make a great General. (Cough* hint cough*) I on the other hand, will not make a good General's wife. Where do I begin? This will certainly be a post in which there … [Read more...]


Blogging SpouseBUZZ LIVE

I thought it might be a good idea to introduce the Fayetteville spouses to some of the non-SpouseBUZZ bloggers who attended SpouseBUZZ LIVE. And a reminder, if you decide to start a blog, please let … [Read more...]


I Ask You, What is Worse?

What's worse? Having to do The Kelvin, or not having the opportunity to do The Kelvin when The Kelvin should have been done? If you don't know what The Kelvin is, click here before you read on or this … [Read more...]


The Stories Around Us

One of the best things about the "afterglow" of a SpouseBUZZ Live event is that I get to remember and retell my husband over and over the stories we heard while we were there.  I think … [Read more...]


In the holiday spirit

I saw this article from Military.com on their newletter about what to send a deployed service member to bring him the holidays.  Unfortunately, I've sent my care packages for the holidays - BUT … [Read more...]


SpouseBUZZ 411: Knowledge is Power

For our new readers from Fayetteville, we wanted to let you know that you can sign up to receive the SpouseBUZZ 411, which will be launched soon. More information here. … [Read more...]


Do Something For Yourself

A couple of ladies talked about how important it is to do something for yourself at SpouseBUZZ LIVE, and I think they were onto something. I thought I would have some down time after SBL, but since … [Read more...]


Today’s the Day!

To The Fallen Records released two albums today, Country Vol. 1 and Rock Vol. 1. The country album features Send My Love by Cliff Hudson. Many of you met Cliff in Fayetteville over the weekend … [Read more...]


I don’t sew but I’m a quilter

I've come to the conclusion that, even though I can't sew a button on a piece of clothing, I am a quilter. A lot of talk at SpouseBUZZ Live 3 centered around support. Support for the soldier that is … [Read more...]