Andi's post her Grandmother has reminded me of a few things.... We are traveling this coming weekend to our new duty station.  DH has been blessed with a position, that happens to be in our home … [Read more...]


A Different Time. A Simplier Life.

Late Monday evening, I received a phone call I had been dreading. After I collected my thoughts, I went on-line, booked an airline ticket and made a rental car reservation. Yesterday, I set off for … [Read more...]


Did You Know?

Noteworthy items from this week's Military Report: 2009 Military Pay Raise Join the American Legion  Sell Your Car on Military.com Classifieds  Fitness Tip of the Week  Free Tax-Filing … [Read more...]


Sister AWTM, I Can Relate

It's been a very, very hectic period of time at Casa Semper Fi.  There are many projects that I am committed to and working on.   I'm not even talking about the "normal" stuff … [Read more...]


Something’s gotta give

If there is one thing that being a military spouse has taught me, it has been self preservation.  It took almost 17 years.  But now, I know what my limits are.  … [Read more...]


I’ve Spoken Too Soon

Last week we had two SpouseBUZZ authors down for the count, and I think a few more hanging on for dear life.  Ahhh, cold and flu and walking pneumonia season.  You've gotta love … [Read more...]


27 Curtains

I grew up with my grandparents, my grandfather a retired Marine and my grandmother a proud and caring milspouse.  Before I was born, they had crossed the country too many times to count, and … [Read more...]


Discount Rates and Larger Boxes

Postal Service Offers DiscountsPerhaps nothing is more anticipated by deployed service members than the daily mail call. Now the US Postal Service is making it easier for families to send care … [Read more...]


Taking care of ourselves, a fantastic reminder on Spousebuzz Talk Radio Sunday night

I was reminded not so very long ago by a friend, that it is imperative that Mothers must take care of themselves. I find this of particular importance to military spouses.  We are often alone, … [Read more...]


Suck it Up Sister: Your Grass is Greener Than Mine

A couple of weeks ago, I was talking deployments with a military spouse. I mentioned the fact that I tend to be a Nite Owl when my husband is away, deployment or not. I go to bed entirely too late and … [Read more...]


SpouseBUZZ Fit Club – Report In!

If I do yoga and run up and down the stairs like a hamster on crack today, I should make this week's fitness goals.  One thing I've changed, though, is my once a day power stair attack.  … [Read more...]


He loves me, he loves me not

Lest you all think I can't stand my husband (based on my previous post), let me highlight some of the wonderful things about him...which makes sense as we head toward Valentine's Day. 1. He folds the … [Read more...]


Note To Self For Our Next PCS Move

A Note to myself - even though much of the available military paperwork (explanations) dealing with moving, AKA PCSing, is straight forward - some of it is difficult to decipherer.  … [Read more...]


Our Own Red Carpet

So, I guess there will be an Oscar's ceremony this year.  I haven't watched that in, well, really ever.  I can't say that the things Hollywood chooses to give awards for generally line up … [Read more...]


This and That

Just a reminder that tomorrow evening at 9:00 on SBTR, we'll be speaking with Major General Elder Granger and Francine Forestell of TRICARE. General Granger is going to give us some updates on TRICARE … [Read more...]


My darling husband

I love you with all of my heart. However, we need to talk about the kitchen. 1. The kitchen is set up in a fashion that works. For me. Unless you are going to be the one to spend more time in there … [Read more...]


What do I do with turnip greens?

For the past three years, my family has participated in a Community Supported Agriculture program, and we love it! We learn about the food we eat, keep a local farm in business, and keep the land from … [Read more...]


12 Different Authors, 12 Different DMV Nightmares

RedLegMeg wrote about her trip to the DMV, as did AirForceWife.  Now it's my turn. Everyone's trip to the DMV includes hours of waiting and some nailbiting when you're not sure you'll give the … [Read more...]