Today’s the Day!

To The Fallen Records released two albums today, Country Vol. 1 and Rock Vol. 1. The country album features Send My Love by Cliff Hudson. Many of you met Cliff in Fayetteville over the weekend … [Read more...]


I don’t sew but I’m a quilter

I've come to the conclusion that, even though I can't sew a button on a piece of clothing, I am a quilter. A lot of talk at SpouseBUZZ Live 3 centered around support. Support for the soldier that is … [Read more...]


All the Preparation in the World

We've talked on this blog before about anticipatory grief, and our second panel at SpouseBUZZ Live hit on it over the weekend as well. But as much as you plan for the tragic events in your life, as … [Read more...]


Hey, Could I Borrow $45,000?

Flying to Ft. Bragg was out of the question. I had a boatload of stuff to bring with me. The usual luggage and laptop bags, but also boxes of raffle prizes, literature and other stuff. I couldn't … [Read more...]



Today is a Monday.  Monday is a day where I recharge my batteries, plan my week, and if possible, stay in my "comfies" (moss green velour lounge pants, sweat shirt and those fluffy, … [Read more...]


Wrapping up SpouseBUZZ LIVE

For quick reference for the spouses who attended the event in Fayetteville, below are links to some of the posts that were discussed on Saturday. airforcewife's Humiliation Anticipating the … [Read more...]


Regular Programming Will Resume…Tomorrow

The SpouseBUZZ team has played the planes, trains and automobiles game today as they made their way from Fayetteville back home. We're going to get some shut-eye tonight, but we'll be back to normal … [Read more...]


Thank You Ft. Bragg/Pope Spouses

It's 11:05 p.m. and I've just returned to my room. I am exhausted, yet oddly energized. Spending the last few days, and today in particular, with military spouses has been a wonderful experience. … [Read more...]


SpouseBuzz LIVE NOW

HERE … [Read more...]


Thanksgiving Memorial

Last week, I wrote a post on being Thanksgiving to others.  I didn't realize, until the next day, how poignant the post was.  Monday morning, I received an email from Sew Much Comfort's … [Read more...]



Some of you out there remember when a representative of the Post or Unit Wives Clubs met you at the door of the TLF or maybe even at the billeting office when you arrived.  You were swept under … [Read more...]


SpouseBuzz Live 3

Photo of Cliff Hudson at a recent benefit in Little Rock photo credit :  Lauren Clark Cliff Hudson will be joining SpouseBuzz at Fort Bragg/ Pope Air Force Base tomorrow.  I think you are in … [Read more...]


Murphy Was a Military Spouse

Guess who will be in Fayetteville at SpouseBUZZ Live 3 with  a personal entourage in tow? Yes, me.  I mean, if children count as an entourage, that is.  And I think they should.  … [Read more...]


Be There, Without Being There…

Note: This post will stay on top for two days. Scroll down for fresh posts. Thanks to the generosity of SyncLive, those of you who can't attend SpouseBUZZ LIVE Ft. Bragg/Pope AFB will be able to view … [Read more...]


We’ll Be Back….Please Stay Tuned

The SpouseBUZZ team is descending on Fayetteville, North Carolina. One by one, we're arriving and getting ready for SpouseBUZZ LIVE Ft. Bragg/Pope AFB. It's going to be a GREAT event and we're … [Read more...]


The Rooster says what?

My Husband used to have a job where he was the host to an international event once a year.  I loved this, it was always fun for me.  I have never had the good fortune of living overseas, … [Read more...]


Did you know?

Some great information from this week's Military Report: Free Music for the Troops  TRICARE Debuts New Web Service - Manage your health care online Register for SpouseBUZZ LIVE in … [Read more...]


What’s Your Story: Holiday Edition

We've been slacking with our What's Your Story contest, but we're bringing it back just in time for the holidays. December's title: Holidays, Military Style. Tell us how you plan to … [Read more...]