The Day I Met Air Force Guy

A few days ago, airforcewife wrote about the latest Air Force Family crisis. This reminded me of the day that I met airforcewife (AFW) and Air Force Guy (AFG). AFW and I knew each other from the … [Read more...]


550 cord, the milspouses friend….an essay

When I first married DH, we lived at Fort Bragg in a small apartment off post.   The apartment was not large.  I think we had one bedroom, I cannot recall, as age and about 9 moves have … [Read more...]


Free Money!

Did I get your attention? Good. We all know how difficult it can be to go to college. More difficult when you are a military spouse. Money can be tight. Logistics (when do they offer classes? who … [Read more...]


22 years ago today…

I said,"I do" to a tall, dark and handsome US Marine. 22 years of ups, downs, highs and lows.  22 years of childrearing, deployments, moves, the Marine Corps family, stupid fights and … [Read more...]


SpouseBUZZ – The Telenovela

Last night the unflappable Andi and I had quite the email flurry going on.  There was an emergency in SpouseBUZZ-land and we were at the center of the storm. Let me preface this by saying that at … [Read more...]


Miscellaneous Career/Money-Making Links

If you missed our show with Kathy Rockel of TRS Institute and Bridget, the most recent graduate of TRS, click here to listen. We posed the question to Bridget, "is this really too good to be … [Read more...]


A Journey Through Time: A Show Not to be Missed

One of the things we learned after talking with Kristin Henderson about her book, is that our generation of milspouses owe a lot to those who came before us. Specifically, the Vietnam-era wives. Many … [Read more...]


Government and You E-News – January 8, 2008

1. NDAA Still on Hold 2. New Year Brings New Pay and Allowance Rates 3. TRICARE Enhances Behavioral Health Accessibility 4. VA Cost-of-Living Increases Take Effect 5. New Electronic Health Information … [Read more...]


Pimp Your Stuff

SpouseBUZZ receives a large amount of email from readers, business owners, aspiring business owners, authors and non-profit groups asking us to write about -- or link to -- their particular project, … [Read more...]


Five Words We LOVE to Hear

Last week in the chat room, Marine Wife noted that her deployed husband told her to stop sending mail. Without missing a beat, I congratulated her. Last night, I received an email from Penny, longtime … [Read more...]


Did you know?

Noteworthy items from this week's Military Report: TRICARE Fee Increase Faces Hurdles  Combat Pay for Evacuated Soldiers  Find Local Deals in our New Classifieds  Air Force Adds New … [Read more...]


I Love This. No, I Don’t Love This. Yes, I Do.

When I was young and had no appreciation for it, my hair was long, thick, curly, and shiny.  My mom used to put it up in (usually lopsided) pigtails, except when I went through my Laura Ingalls … [Read more...]


Techno-Gremlins: Version Two

We knew we had comment issues last week, but thought they had been resolved. Apparently, that's not the case. At least not for all of you. Some of you are either unable to comment, or are being … [Read more...]


Milspouse Mission: Get Organized in 2008

Military life is chaotic. Especially during wartime when combat deployments and lengthy TDY's mean many spouses have to take on the role of mom and dad. You become the all-in-one. Chauffeur, homework … [Read more...]


Military Tax Season

As I stated last year, I personally don't find tax season a fun time of year like some people do, but alas the taxes must still be done. Below you will find several resources to help you in filing … [Read more...]


Sometimes, It’s Just Plain Hard…

Last week, I published a post about three things that terrify me about a PCS move. And they were all about "me." On Friday, I was forced to add something else to that dreaded list, and this … [Read more...]


Finding your new cheese (WHAT?!)

I recently read a great book called "Who Moved My Cheese?" by Kenneth Blanchard.  This book was recommended to me by one of my clients.  At first I chuckled at the title, but after … [Read more...]


Knit-Along AAR

A few months back, I organized a knit-along for some of my friends whose husbands are deployed.  This week I got emails from two other SpouseBUZZers that they too had participated and finished … [Read more...]