National Military Family Assn. – Government and You E-News

For the week of December 18, 2007 1. HEART Act Passes Senate with New Provisions 2. Visual Disturbances Related to TBI a Rising Concern 3. Defense Health Board Hears Task Force's Recommendations 4. … [Read more...]


Our Wacky Tree

Andi wrote about her Christmas shopping the other day and provided a photo of the gifts under the tree.  Diane commented that she loved how Andi's tree is so "matchy-matchy," and if you … [Read more...]


Attention all Bloggers, Calling All Bloggers

Mr. Blackfive, of Blackfive.net, put a call out...Uncle Jimbo and I would like to invite bloggers to send us a clip of themselves wishing the troops a Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, … [Read more...]


You Are My Family

First of all, I want to thank everyone who sent us condolences and wished us well upon hearing about my miscarriage.  Your comments helped me realize I'm definitely not alone -- not alone, in … [Read more...]


Did you know?

Noteworthy items from this week's Military Report: BAH to Increase an Average of 7.3% Send a Voice Mail to the Troops TRICARE Guaranteed for Beneficiaries Free Phone Cards for the Holidays Project … [Read more...]


Life is like a conveyor belt full of chocolate

The month of December is  a good reminder for me. I used to be the EVERYTHING woman.  If you needed something done, I was your woman.  And then it happened.  I am not sure how … [Read more...]


Kitty Litter Rum Balls Revisited

The kitty litter rum balls were a hit.  Well, few people could steel themselves to try them, but everyone appreciated them very much.  Every so often at the party, the call would go up, … [Read more...]



RASCAL FLATTS - "Stand" You feel like a candle in a hurricaneJust like a picture with a broken frameAlone and helpless, like you've lost your fightBut you'll be alright, you'll be … [Read more...]


Note to self: Use a pencil

As I was updating my address book today I realized how faded some of the entries have become.  Yes, I still use an actual BOOK, not a computer database.  I love computers, but I still don't … [Read more...]


Tis the Season and the Week!

Tis the season to be jolly and the week before Christmas.....close to the time most spouses hit the crunch wall for shopping.  Not ALL spouses do this, it just seems to be the preponderance - or … [Read more...]


You’re Taking Me Where?

Our first duty assignment as a couple was Lawton, Oklahoma. When my husband told me our destination, I said, "where is that?" I had never heard of Lawton, Oklahoma and furthermore, I had … [Read more...]


Changes Coming For Military Pay Systems

The Army online pay system will launch in October 2008. The Air Force will follow suit in February 2009. The Navy and Marines have yet to set a launch date. Hopefully some of the included information … [Read more...]


What do they know, that I don’t?

Not that I'm THAT old but the other day AARP sent me a note saying how they'd love for me to sign-up. And then, they wanted me to spend money on various things, like a new insurance policy for my car … [Read more...]


An airforcewife Confession

As of January 8, Air Force Family will be Air Force Reserves Family. Perhaps you're wondering why a family so gung-ho in their military-ness would consider leaving full time active duty...  There … [Read more...]


The Family Bookshelf

I love the Public Library in my city, and we are lucky to have some wonderful librarians there.    This last Tuesday, they found a coppy of the book, The Impossible Patriotism Project, … [Read more...]


It’s happening… again

DH and I will be traveling to Washington, DC tomorrow (Friday) - provided the weather holds.  We have two reasons for going. #1 - We are doing a video clip for Soldiers' Angels that will be part … [Read more...]


So, what say you?

While at SpouseBUZZ LIVE III, I was able to sustain a broadband connection long enough to push a post out to you on the Relevancy of Spouses Clubs.  Now I confused some by being a bit too ... … [Read more...]


Hey Honey, How Much are Ya Worth?

Don't miss tonight's SpouseBUZZ Talk Radio!    We'll be talking to J.J. and Jeremy from USAA about two very important topics - avoiding holiday debt, and life insurance.  The latter is … [Read more...]