Holidays as a Milspouse

Several of you commented about spending the holidays alone this year and/or being unsure of what you wanted to do over the holidays because your service member is away. Spending the holidays alone, … [Read more...]


I love Fall.

Fall has finally arrived in my neck of the woods.  The leaves are turning, the nights are cool, the air conditioning is off and I am putting up my Halloween decorations.  I have pulled out … [Read more...]


Trick or Treat!

I love my DH, I do.  I particularly like to see him in uniform.  Always have.  I have a penchant for the new ACU's , with the exception of all of the Velcro.  However, a couple of … [Read more...]


No Rotten Fruit From the Peanut Gallery!

I realize that this admission may get a few squidgy oranges and tomatoes tossed my way, but hubby and I aren't big fans of watching professional sports.  It's been uncomfortable adjusting to … [Read more...]


Military Brats: The Older Set

There are many resources available for the younger set of military brats.  Especially now that groups have reached out and provided wonderful resources for helping our little ones with … [Read more...]


An Early Holiday Gift for Military Spouses

The Holiday season is generally rough on military families that have a loved one deployed. I remember attending midnight service on Christmas Eve....alone. While that is my favorite service of the … [Read more...]


The Splurge

A few days after my husband deployed, I received a phone call from my best friend, Cynthia. She said, "Hey, I'm coming to Washington. I'll be there next weekend." What she didn't say, but … [Read more...]


I Love This Product

Found a great new product this week, and the best part of all.....it's cheap! … [Read more...]


The Flood

I've had a flood of emotions the last few weeks regarding my husband being wounded in Iraq a little over 2 years ago.  Not sure what's brought it back to the surface, but I spent about an hour … [Read more...]


Virtual Support: A Lifeline for Military Spouses

Yesterday, I read this comment from Rachel. By the way, thanks to all of you who have welcomed her. Rachel's comment made me think that we should probably do another Meet and Greet. It's been a while … [Read more...]


Beg a Favor?

Please offer some support and encouragement to Rachel. … [Read more...]


Funny how things change after meeting one person

My girlfriend from "back home" called the other night, and reminded me, that our 20 year reunion is this coming summer.  For those of you who do not think 20 years can sneak up on … [Read more...]


As airforcewife says, “You Gotta Laugh, or You’re Gonna Cry.”

For those of you who are new to our site, you really need to take a stroll through our humor archive, which you can do by clicking here. Humor gets us through the tough times. Where would we be if we … [Read more...]


On Final Good-Byes

In the course of my being a military wife, I've missed many family weddings.  I've missed more family  birthdays than I have hairs on my head.  Our family has missed so many Christmases … [Read more...]


It Multiplies Like Rabbits

I just read something hilarious on my friend's blog:Try to google "Organizing TA-50". Not only are there ZERO results, the phrase may be an oxymoron. Scout has four duffel bags, two … [Read more...]


Promotions, Traditions and New Experiences

I'm an Army wife, but yesterday I was able to witness something I've never witnessed before - a promotion ceremony for someone in another branch of service. In this case, a Marine was being promoted. … [Read more...]


Tuesday morning gratitude

Last week I started a segment called Monday gratitude.  I woke yesterday, and frankly... I should have posted SOMETHING, because the day was rough.  It was sooo a Monday. So, from now on I … [Read more...]


Did you know?

Included in this week's Military Report: Come to the Military.com Career Fair in San Antonio Company Launches Free Movie Campaign Europe Changes Policy on Arrivals Changes Coming for Mental Health … [Read more...]