Did You Know?

Noteworthy items from this week's Military Report: 3.5% Pay Raise is Finally Official Do Your Taxes for Free VA Travel Reimbursement Increased Great Deals on Tickets  Free Naval Institute … [Read more...]


A cast, a button-down shirt, a 4 year old, and a coffee table

Next time you get dressed in your comfy jeans and button-down shirt, imagine the following: Your left arm is in a cast from your elbow to the middle of your fingers (and you don't have a pinky), and … [Read more...]


A wonderful discovery

Last night I, along with Airforcewife and Sarah, had a wonderful conversation on SBTR with author Judith Heimann.  You can read AFW's post about the synopsis of the book so I don't repeat … [Read more...]


Welcome Aboard Hampton Roads

He of the Sea got an interesting package in the mail today.  Wrapped in a plain, manilla envelope, was a pile of stuff from the Fleet & Family Support Centers (FFSC) of Hampton Roads, … [Read more...]


Military Spouse Education and Employment Updates

Stay updated about the general status of military spouse education and employment programs. … [Read more...]


The Airmen and the Headhunters

I know with the nail-biting Superbowl last night, a lot of SpouseBUZZ readers and listeners missed the live version of our radio show.  It's okay.  I forgive you.  After all, we're all … [Read more...]


Yeah, I Should Have Got That Free Flu Shot….

I've spent the better part of three days in my bedroom. It's flu season. Hit me like a freight train late Thursday night. Terrible timing as I had commitments on post the next day. We were having a … [Read more...]


You DON’T Want to Miss This!

Don't forget - tonight's special edition of Spousebuzz Radio will be on at 9 pm Eastern!  We'll discuss a story of downed airmen in hostile territory, natives who risked their lives to save those … [Read more...]


“It Always Happens Like This, Doesn’t It?”

My husband received a call from Baghdad a couple of weeks ago. His friend, a National Guardsman, brought bad news. His mother-in-law was diagnosed with terminal cancer. We've known this family for … [Read more...]


Seeing Red

The Red Dress-the national symbol for women and heart disease awareness-was designed to build awareness that women are at risk for heart disease, and motivate them to take action to reduce their … [Read more...]


SpouseBUZZ Radio this Sunday!

Sunday night we will have a special edition of SpouseBUZZ radio - and you don't want to miss it.  Trust me - you don't. We will be delving into one of the most fascinating and inspiring stories a … [Read more...]


SpouseBUZZ Fit Club – Report In!

Okay, true confessions time - I binged on giant marshmallows twice this week.  And I had honey toast twice.  On the bright side, I made a permanent change to my lunch, having sliced … [Read more...]


What’s nicer….

than catching up with friends who don't live nearby? Yesterday, I caught up with two, very dear friends.  One lives halfway 'round the world and the other lives just one state away.  One I … [Read more...]


PCS Benefits

I like moving, I really do.  I know, that makes me weird.  But aside from the fact that moving seems like a vacation paid for out of the ever-so-gracious pocket of Uncle Sam, moving also … [Read more...]


Staying Connected

Thank you LTC Bramlish, Ohio National Guard, for giving me a new tool to use in the effort to keep connected with Papa Bear while he's away - Connect and Join.  … [Read more...]


Pimp Your Stuff: January Edition

A lot of pimping going on, so take your time and browse all of the links below. And remember, if you want to Pimp Your Stuff (or someone else's stuff) for the February edition, click here for details. … [Read more...]


Further Confessions of a Military Spouse

Today I had a moment between teaching my son to subtract and grading the third daughter's math.  Because I tend to multitask when possible, I decided to clean behind the coffee maker on the … [Read more...]


NMFA’s Government and You E-News

January 29, 2008 1. President Bush Addresses Military Families in State of the Union 2. 2008 NDAA Signed Into Law 3. New PTSD Study Published 4. Autism Conference to be Held at Camp Pendleton 5. … [Read more...]