SpouseBUZZ 411: Stay Plugged In

If you'd like to receive information via email about upcoming SpouseBUZZ LIVE events, and other SpouseBUZZ-related items, please leave your email address in the comment section below or click here to … [Read more...]


About that Big Announcement….

We told you we would have a big announcement regarding SpouseBUZZ LIVE last night, and we did. Click the "play" button below to listen to a brief, five minute announcement by Aric Berquist, … [Read more...]


I wanna go!

SpouseBuzz Live 3 is this coming Saturday, December 1st. And I wanna go! However such is the life of a military wife. There are times when it is not in the cards. I was thrilled to find out … [Read more...]


Preparedness is Sometimes Overrated

I think holidays are particularly rough on the military community. Being geographically separated from family can be tough, especially if your loved one is deployed and you're unable to travel and be … [Read more...]


JumpStart World 2nd Grade Review

While AFW reviewed the JumpStart kindergarten program and GBear reviewed the 1st Grade program, my household took on the 2nd grade program. We are all enjoying it. Children and parents alike. … [Read more...]


Airport Observations

I recently returned from a week's vacation with my husband and 2 kids (and I am exhausted!).  When we reached our destination I was doing my typical "look around the unfamiliar airport for … [Read more...]


airforcewife’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week

I woke up on Saturday and my computer jack wasn't working.  The repair guy was supposed to fix it Thursday, then Friday.  Then he told me he MIGHT come over on Saturday. I could tell.  … [Read more...]


Did you see what I saw?

I went to church this morning.  Not that this is a rare Sunday occurrence, it's just that I've been either traveling or in hospitals for the last month.  So, I took the opportunity to look … [Read more...]


What’s Worse?

Being separated from your loved ones on Thanksgiving, or being this close to seeing them only to have the rug pulled out from under you? I vote for the latter. A Naval officer wrote to Power … [Read more...]



It's always interesting to see how people find SpouseBUZZ. I'll tell you this much, I'm soooo sending Mr. Andi to the person who performed this search, and ended up here. … [Read more...]


Quiet time

More often than not, we've probably been rushing about getting things done, taking people to wherever they need to be, off to the commissary, don't forget the dry cleaners, and we mumble under our … [Read more...]


Weekly Gratitude: The Thanksgiving Edition

There is a lot for my family to be thankful for this year.  More than all else, I am  thankful for those who have come before me.  I am thankful to those who have fought for my right … [Read more...]


You Support the Troops? Well, What About Their Families?

My friend is flying in from Germany for SpouseBUZZ Live next week.  I am so excited that she took the leap to come; it's going to be wonderful to see her again and welcome her into the SpouseBuzz … [Read more...]


Service Bling Envy

As I mentioned here, I was recently in New York with some other military spouses. I noticed two of the spouses had some service bling hanging from their necks. One was the wife of a Marine pilot and … [Read more...]


What Ya Doin’?

I know traffic will be slow around here for the rest of the week given the Holiday. Just a reminder that our Thursday show is canceled due to Thanksgiving, but we'll be on air again Sunday … [Read more...]


Shingles Vaccine

I realize this is not the most romantic topic for the day prior to Thanksgiving.  BUT, it's something I am thankful to have this year!  A shingles vaccine!  And, better still, it's … [Read more...]


Christmas Cards

I am starting to compile addresses for my Christmas card list. I like to try to get started on them early so I can have them out in the mail in early December. Sometimes that is unrealistic (like last … [Read more...]


I Was This Close to a Thanksgiving Day Disaster

Don't you just love those Thanksgiving fluff pieces you see on your television every year? You know what I'm talking about. The heartwarming scenes of a family gathered around the dinner table giving … [Read more...]