I Have an Announcement to Make!

After three visits to the DMV, a visit to the Country Treasurer's Office, a lost car registration from California, and someone attempting to tell me that my CA driver's license, my military ID, my … [Read more...]


The Wheels on the Bus

16 years ago in the fall, I walked my little boy down to the bus stop for his first day of kindergarten. He had his backpack filled with all the things the school said he should have.  He had his … [Read more...]


TRICARE: Have Questions? Get Answers.

When you say the word TRICARE, a lot of emotions boil to the surface. Mostly confusion. The few times that it's been mentioned here at SpouseBUZZ is proof of that. To be fair, we haven't probed the … [Read more...]


Lengths and Locks

Each time we're facing a PCS move, three things strike fear in my heart, and none of them have anything to do with the actual packing and moving part of the PCS. No, you see, it's all about me. Just … [Read more...]


A Chance To Speak Up

Sharing your opinion and/or experiences can bring about change.  The DoD would like input from service members and their families in regards to problems with consumer loans. … [Read more...]


New MRSA test approved

As kids go back to school following the winter break, there's always the thoughts of what lurks in the little germ-infested hands of other children.  This year in Ohio we had an 'outbreak' of … [Read more...]


Techno Resolution

Another new year has dawned and with it the same old guilt producing search for a resolution!  One that I will actually stick to and achieve would be good.  I'm thinking of trying a bold … [Read more...]


SBTR: Thursday, January 3

You may have noticed the gold ESGR banner on the right-side of the SpouseBUZZ home page. Tomorrow evening on SBTR, AWTM and Guard Wife will be speaking with Lt. Colonel Michelle Barrett, Chief of … [Read more...]


Yearly Gratitude, an ode to 2007

Wow, where did 2007 go?  Heck where did the last 6 years go? The AWTM house has a lot to be thankful for this year.  A lot.  My weekly gratitude post, which is irregular at best will … [Read more...]


Technology Behaving Badly

Hang with us this morning. Our blog software is experiencing some hiccups and currently it's very difficult, if not impossible, to publish a post or a comment. Hopefully all will be fixed soon. If you … [Read more...]


Housekeeping Items for 2008

Happy 2008! The new year promises to be busy and fun here at SpouseBUZZ. Below you'll find a list of things that you can expect to see at SpouseBUZZ in 2008. … [Read more...]


Attn: Yarn Lovers in WA

Andi found this announcement and sent it my way; we wanted to spread the word on the off chance that someone might get to attend.  Yorkshire Yarns in Lakewood, WA, is hosting a needleworking … [Read more...]


Giving and Receiving

Watching children open their gifts with wide-eyed wonder is a gift in itself. I bought my three year-old niece some clothing (she is already a mini-fashionista). After she opened the package … [Read more...]


Did you know?

Noteworthy items to begin 2008 from this week's Military Report: 3.5 Percent Pay Raise on Hold  You're Invited: TAPS Hosts Film Screening in DC, Jan. 9th Free Anheuser-Busch Theme Park … [Read more...]


SpouseBUZZ: A Year in Review

In a few hours we'll be ringing in the New Year, so I decided to spend the entire morning reflecting on this past year. I did that by taking a stroll down memory lane and reading through the entire … [Read more...]


A Missing Piece

I am sitting here watching the movie "The Sound of Music" for the first time in years.  I used to watch this movie with my mom and 3 siblings every year for as long as I can … [Read more...]


Wanted: Hungry Single Soldiers

I had a realization the other day that I was in withdrawal and didn't even know it. … [Read more...]


A Proud Soldier, a Proud Daddy and an Airline Which Deserves Kudos

A couple of days ago, my husband and I were flying home from spending Christmas with my family. As we approached the departure gate, I began looking for a spot to sit down. I saw two seats next to a … [Read more...]