You Mean Have Lunch…Together…at a Restaurant?

One of the great things about a PCS move is that usually our spouses have several days when they arrive at their new duty station before they have to report for duty. Of course, most of that time is … [Read more...]


Why do they even make those checklists?

My previous post was about waiting in limbo to see if we get to take leave or not.  Regular SpouseBUZZ commenter dizzylizzie reminds us all that it's never safe to plan anything in the military … [Read more...]


Voting is open

I posted previously about Kmart's 'Best Military Homecoming Kiss or Hug Contest' and several of you wrote to me to say that you had entered.  The voting has now opened and there are many super … [Read more...]


The Spouse Role Outside Tradition

I'm a klutz.  I have had life-long dreams of being one of those graceful and gracious ladies who is always dressed impeccably and says the right thing at the right time in the perfect tone of … [Read more...]


Re: Milspouse Memorial

In the comment section of GBear's post about a possible Milspouse Memorial, someone mentioned that Ted Demianczyk of Military Spouse Magazine designed the proposed monument, which is being referred to … [Read more...]


Expanding Our Reach

When we first launched SpouseBUZZ Talk Radio, we had a crappy time-slot - 6:00 p.m. EDT. Immediately, we received complaints from many of you because at 6:00, some of you were on your way home from … [Read more...]


Army Wives: Episode Eight Discussion Thread

Another episode down and once again, some real-life situations were adequately addressed on last night's show. I had to laugh when Pamela was struggling to feed her children. She's out of milk for … [Read more...]


Milspouse Memorial

Just thought I'd pass on that we Military Spouses might get some monumental recognition.  Can't help but wonder what the statue would look like?!?!?!  How would we look when memorialized? … [Read more...]


Getting Back on Track

I've just completed a PCS move, so I have a lot to write about, but the thing I'm currently struggling with is how to get back on track. I'm a pretty regimented person and I usually operate on a … [Read more...]


Talking the (Complaining) Talk

I find myself having to warn many people about my speech mannerisms when I first meet them.  The explanation is getting so long and detailed at this point, that I may just take to typing up a … [Read more...]


Army Wives: Episode 6 & 7 Discussion Thread

Our radio show featuring a discussion about Army Wives with one our favorite stars from the series starts soon!  We need to hash out the two most recent episodes, don't we? Who's with me? … [Read more...]


When will I learn?

Oh Army, you keep telling me not to trust you, but I never seem to listen. My story is not nearly as bad as moving because your husband's deploying and then finding out he's not deploying yet, but … [Read more...]


Army Wives Cast Members on SpouseBUZZ Talk Radio

Update: If you missed the show, click here to listen to our conversation with Wendy Davis. It was a fascinating interview. Click here to review a list of our previous shows. Original post as … [Read more...]


Did you know?

Included in this week's Military Report: Landstuhl Heroes Deserve Your Support  GI Bill Buy-Up Program  Free Fitness DVD for Servicemembers  Defense Department Offers $1 Million … [Read more...]


Family Heartaches Unnoticed

Many of our military families often endure such painful experiences.  They do so with very little money and sometimes no support system.  I don't know what's to be done for many, but I … [Read more...]


The other LIST

It seems as if every military spouse I know makes a list.  A list  of things she, or he would like to do before the deployed or absent spouse returns.  Things like: Paint the living … [Read more...]


Memorial for Mom

My friend, Karen, wrote me to tell me of her mom's death due to cancer last week.  I went a bit numb with shock.  It's always hard to hear of the death of someone you know a friend loved … [Read more...]


40 Minutes Till Go-Time

I just received word that all four members of Drowning Pool will be joining us at 3:00 EDT on SpouseBUZZ Talk Radio. We'll have the full compliment. Hooah.... As an Army wife, I greatly appreciate … [Read more...]