I Love This Product: Vanity Edition

Good Lord. I'm not sure what should horrify me most, the fact that I'm actually posting this, or the fact that I didn't think twice about posting this. Ah well, the name of the game is to share info … [Read more...]


SpouseBUZZ LIVE News

If you missed our show a few weeks ago with Marine, songwriter and artist, Cliff Hudson, click here to listen to an entertaining hour with Cliff and Sidney of To the Fallen Records. Cliff joined us … [Read more...]


Little Guy With the Computer

As airforcewife mentioned last week, some of the SpouseBUZZ authors were given an opportunity to test some Jump Start learning games on our children. airforcefamily tested the kindergarten version, … [Read more...]


Knock, Knock…

...Anyone home? Wow - you guys have been super quiet this weekend. Doing fun stuff, I hope.... Don't forget that tonight is the Sunday evening SpouseBUZZ Pajama Party. Join us on SpouseBUZZ Talk Radio … [Read more...]


Honey, I’m Home…. Honey, I’m Leaving….

This morning, I read an interesting article in the Los Angeles Times about reintegration. It's an emotional and psychological adjustment for the family when a Marine or sailor deploys, and another … [Read more...]


3 Doors Down Celebrate the Citizen Soldier

The music of 3 Doors Down made me cry more than once when my husband was deployed.  They have a great sound and if you haven't checked them out before, I recommend you do! I recently received a … [Read more...]


Tis The Season For Santa Tracking

During Thanksgiving week each year, I begin to really get into the holiday spirit.  Christmas is right around the corner.  This is my favorite time of year. … [Read more...]


A Secret Society: The Sisterhood

It's a bit odd that a conversation with a civilian gave me some valuable perspective on military life, but that's exactly what happened after I digested our conversation with Ben Stein. Ben Stein's … [Read more...]


The 411 on SpouseBUZZ Talk Radio

If you missed the SpouseBUZZ Talk Radio show with Ben Stein, click here to listen to the archive of the show. Ben Stein was a great guest, and incredibly gracious. Tomorrow evening, the SpouseBUZZ … [Read more...]


Thank the Troops this Thanksgiving

America Supports You is providing you a great way to thank the deployed troops this holiday and letting them know that people are thinking about them.  All you need is a cell phone! … [Read more...]


The Holidays are APROACHING fast!

I was reminded yesterday via Some Soldier's Mom that CHRISTMAS is coming.  It will be here before we know it.  It was an excellent reminder to me that there are packages that need to be sent … [Read more...]


SpouseBuzz Smooch

John Ondrasik of Five For Fighting has been a supporter of military men and women (and their families) for years.  Now, he's put together a CD with 13 artists - Billy Joel, Brooks & Dunn, the … [Read more...]


Weekly Gratitude

I know I am late getting this up this week.  I am by nature, a regimen person.  And frankly the trip to BlogWorld exhausted me.  However, that was 3 time changes in less than a … [Read more...]


News You Can Use: Military Spouse Career Advancement Initiative

Yesterday, the Pentagon announced a new pilot program which will assist military spouses with education-related costs, and help establish a secure career path. Dubbed the "Military Spouse Career … [Read more...]


Educating the Military Brat

We move a lot.  It's what we do. For the military brat, that means lots of new schools, lots of mid-school year upheaval, and lots of getting used to new curriculum and catch up or slow … [Read more...]


Ben Stein’s The Real Stars on SpouseBuzz Talk Radio Thursday, November 15 @2:30 EST

Please join us Thursday, November 15th, at 2:30pm EST as SpouseBuzz authors discuss the book of the month Ben Stein's The Real Stars with featured guest Ben Stein, live on SpouseBuzz Radio. Mr. … [Read more...]


Now I’m Off My Game

It took me eight days to completely unpack and have my house in order. EIGHT.  DAYS.  I must be more out of practice than I thought. … [Read more...]


Soldiers Aren’t Strangers

As I was waiting for my suitcase at the airport Saturday night, I heard an announcement over the intercom:  "If anyone is traveling to the nearby Army post, we have a soldier here at the USO … [Read more...]