Someone FINALLY popped the question

It finally happened!  I was just sitting at a table at a very military supportive event and someone popped the question!  Now, you may think that, having been married for 15 years - the … [Read more...]


Fashion Sense? What Fashion Sense?

I recently had to go shopping with my husband for a suit. It didn't go well.  Not well at all.  … [Read more...]


The Closing of the Door: A Marine Wife’s Story

Sly (Marine wife, reader, snark mistress, graphics guru, comedienne, frequent commenter and all-around-genius) recalls the torment of the California fires. Today's must-read:The sound of the closing … [Read more...]


Giving of Yourself

Are you a blood donor?  Would you ever consider being a blood donor?  Did you know that your blood can directly help service members and military family members?  Are you aware that … [Read more...]


Weekly Gratitude

I ran out of room on my memory card this week, and had to sit and delete a lot of the photos.  (Don't worry, they are downloaded.)  And I could not help, but sit and count my blessings as I … [Read more...]


There ought to be an Atta Girl for this!!

Pre-deployment briefs.  Right before Lancelot went on his latest trip, he reminded me that the Dark Prince was coming home on Friday.  I must have had a blank look on my face because he … [Read more...]


This and That

Last night's SpouseBUZZ Pajama Party was a lot of fun. Our mystery guest was the wonderful Marna Krajeski, whom we've interviewed before after featuring her book in the SpouseBUZZ Book Club. Visit … [Read more...]


I Love This Product

Most of you know that I'm a bit, shall we say, directionally-challenged.... … [Read more...]


SpouseBUZZ Pajama Party is ON

Get your PJs on and join us tonight at 9:00 Eastern for the SpouseBUZZ Pajama Party. Our mystery guest is someone you've heard us mention here at SpouseBUZZ a few times. See you in the chat room … [Read more...]


A Safe Year

We thought my husband would be deployed this year.  But when we found out he wasn't leaving and had instead been accepted to a school, our plans for the future changed overnight. All of a sudden, … [Read more...]



I found this very inspiring story this morning, you must read.  And you must go over and watch this very important tribute to our Nations heroes. … [Read more...]


Basra = Beth?

Remember the scene in Army Wives when Belgrad talks about naming a mountain in Afghanistan that he and his men captured after his wife? I found a related, non-fiction version.Staff writer Sam Dagher … [Read more...]


SpouseBUZZ Smorgasbord: Something For Everyone

A smorgasbord of goodies for you: Want to star in an episode of Army Wives? Here's your chance. SpouseBUZZ was nominated for best blog in two categories; Best Online Community and Best Milblog (thanks … [Read more...]


NMFA Surveys

Do you belong to the NMFA?  Are you aware of the surveys that they conduct?  You can participate even if you are not a member.  They currently have a survey that I feel is very … [Read more...]


Mating in Public: What Has the World Come To?

Consider yourself warned. DO NOT let the little ones read this post. It's about a sex act I witnessed in public. In broad daylight, no less. Unbelievable! … [Read more...]


Prioritize the List: What Are Your Needs?

Have you heard of the Army Family Covenant? It was signed a few days ago by General Casey. "It was immediately clear to us that the Families were the most stretched, and as a result, the most … [Read more...]



The base we are leaving tomorrow morning is actually an Air Force Base and an Army Base that touch each other on nearly all sides and a Naval Base that is within spitting distance.  Our housing … [Read more...]


Confessions of a Military Spouse: Part 428

I don't know how it happened, really. I was putting the Halloween candy in the big pot, just getting it ready for the visitors who will drop in later tonight, when suddenly, out of nowhere, a ghost … [Read more...]