A part of history

It's not often we get to feel that we are part of history.  That something historic has happened and that we've been a part of it.  In fact, that without us - it might not have … [Read more...]


My husband needs to work on his delivery

So DH had to go back to Walter Reed today to get his cast removed (finally!).  I always worry when he is driving without me because he has a tendency to get sleepy (it's about a 4 hour … [Read more...]


What Would Melody Do?

I'm not entirely socially adept. "What? Oh no, airforcewife! I'm utterly SHOCKED! I thought you had calling cards, wore your hair in an elegant chignon, and had white gloves of various lengths … [Read more...]


Online to Soldiers & Families Worldwide

Fort Hood has partnered with SyncLive to present LIVE webcasts of key DFMWR and other events from Fort Hood to Soldiers, Families and fans around the world. SyncLive is a music and entertainment web … [Read more...]


Sharks at the gates?

You know what I'm talking about ... the green and yellow neon signs; the inviting and tantalizing promises of cash, right now, in your hands. ... and we've either known or supervised or befriended … [Read more...]


My Army Life, too.

Okay, so I'm not Army.  Which is probably why I didn't know about this website, www.myarmylifetoo.com.  I went to this website to learn more about Army Family Team Building (AFTB), which … [Read more...]


Did You Know?

Noteworthy items from this week's Military Report: Share Photos and Videos Stimulus Package Tax Rebates Want to Be an Air Force Nurse? Political Activities Guidelines Interest-Free Loans for … [Read more...]


Gosh, Who Knew?

Last week while Lancelot was traveling, I decided I would run down to the base and do some shopping.  That decision coincided with the weather channel forecasting snow the next day.  I got … [Read more...]


Hey, It’s Free!

One of the very many perks of living on or near a base is definately PCS season. Ah, yes.  PCS Season.  Otherwise known as, "I'm 700 pounds over my weight limit and desperately need to … [Read more...]


New Squadron Commander’s spouse

I have a lovely friend here.  Her husband is deploying today.  She will be moving this summer, by herself, to their next duty station.  When she gets there, she'll be a squadron … [Read more...]


What can happen in 12 hours?

A lot.... … [Read more...]


SpouseBUZZ Pajama Party: Special Edition TONIGHT!

As you know, airforcewife has recently started a SpouseBUZZ Fit Club. Looks like she's doing pretty well, too. Tonight, we're going to host a special edition of SpouseBUZZ Talk Radio at 9:00 p.m. EST. … [Read more...]


Meaningful Programming

Last night, my husband and I were watching television when one of those commercials targeting bald men came on. Use this product and you'll get your hair back. One no-longer-bald man said, "Life … [Read more...]


Check the Box

Many of us are residents of one state but live in another. Many of us live overseas. Many of us have deployed spouses. This means that we have to do a little extra legwork when it comes to voting. … [Read more...]


SpouseBUZZ Fit Club – Report In!

How did you do this week?  I had some good, some bad, and some VERY FRUSTRATING. The good?  I managed to exercise every day but yesterday when I was barfing up everything I'd eaten since … [Read more...]


National Military Family Assn. – Government and You E-News

For the week of February 19, 2008 1. Online Course for Educators of Military Children Available 2. Illinois Launches Warrior Assistance Program 3. TBI Compensation by the VA Questioned by Senators 4. … [Read more...]


The Rise of Military Spouse Blogging

Christopher Griffin of Armed Forces Journal just published an interesting piece about milspouse blogging, which can be found here. If you've been sitting on the fence but are interested in becoming a … [Read more...]


Tonight on SpouseBuzz Talk Radio, PTSD part 2

Last week, Joan D' Arc and I were joined by PTSD specialist Dr. Roca for an hour where we discussed Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  It is hard to summarize the discussion in brief, but I think … [Read more...]