One of the things I have learned to love the most about being a mil-spouse is the food.  Really it makes the top ten list.  But then again I am a foodie.  Noun 1. foodie - a person … [Read more...]


Something needs to change

I'm running into some difficulty in getting our FRG to accept the unconditional donation of money that I raised (please note I am NOT an FRG volunteer...not even a Key Caller) from a direct sales food … [Read more...]


Support the Homefront

The outpouring of love from our countrymen to our troops never ceases to amaze me.  The charitable organizations and the dedicated individuals who send letters and boxes and supplies, well, there … [Read more...]


It’s Anticipatory Something

We've had several poignant posts recently about Anticipatory Grief.  It's a very real and serious topic.  It's also something I have succombed to myself for periods of time. As a National … [Read more...]


Thursday Night SpouseBuzz Radio!

Tonight, Dr. Roca from the Veterans Administration will join Guard Wife and I for a discussion re: reintegration for SpouseBuzz Talk Radio.  I am guessing most of us have been there and done … [Read more...]



I've had this conversation often enough that my head no longer spins around like I'm demon possessed.  I've also have many reactions to it, ranging from sudden understanding to complete and angry … [Read more...]



If you haven't been invited to join our chat room, click here to find out how to receive an invitation. We've had a few bugs to work out. First, let me remind you again that if you have requested … [Read more...]


You Will Sit in My Lap, and You Will Like It

I really, truly couldn't have made it through my husband's deployments without the constant companionship that my four-legged child willingly provided. Unfortunately, we lost him last year. The … [Read more...]


Did you know?

Included in this week's Military Report: New TRICARE Service Saves Time, Money  Improved TRICARE Plan Begins October 1 - NG and Reserve What Comes After SGLI?  Take the Employment … [Read more...]


For Love of Neighbor

I live in a relatively quiet neighborhood.  We aren't like a desperate housewife group or anything, but we are close-knit.  After this weekend, I learned what love of neighbor was all … [Read more...]


The Horrible Day and the Day After

On September 11, 2001, I was living in Cairo, Egypt. The time difference between the east coast of the  US and Egypt is 8-9 hours. I was making dinner when the doorbell rang. A neighbor from … [Read more...]



This is not a topic I like to discuss. Not outright. Not in detail. It is the epitome of the Big Giant Elephant in the living room. The big issue that everyone will skirt but rarely confront head on. … [Read more...]


Explaining 9-11

I cried Sunday at church when we sang God Bless America. DH offered me his handkerchief. I cry almost every time I hear the National Anthem, see colors being marched in. ......Anytime I see my fellow … [Read more...]


September 11, 2001

We will never forget. … [Read more...]


My routine has been compromised…

...by my husband!!! My husband was gone for the summer and I took on all of the responsibilities around the house - including yard work.  My husband gave me "permission" to hire someone … [Read more...]


What Have I Done?

My palms are sweaty. I've tarnished the reputation of SpouseBUZZ for-evah... What have I done? Any way to have Google not list SpouseBUZZ as the number four link for that search phrase? Groan. … [Read more...]


Reunion nesting

Expectant mothers do it. About the time labor ensues, a new mother may find herself scrubbing the baseboards with a toothbrush and a bottle of bleach. Or washing and rewashing the baby's clothes. It's … [Read more...]


Fun, Fun, Fun…

Last night, we rolled our our new chat room alongside of one of the most fun and funny radio shows we've hosted yet. First, thanks to everyone who joined us in the chat room. The chat room was hot, we … [Read more...]