“Do the Kelvin”

I bet you've done "the Kelvin," you just didn't know it actually had a term. It does. I don't like to do the Kelvin. It's no fun. No fun at all. But sometimes we're placed in bad situations … [Read more...]


Confessions of a Military Spouse Part IV

My husband is coming home from TDY. I should probably shave my legs now. … [Read more...]


National POW/MIA Recognition Day

This just in......September 21, 2007 is officially National POW/MIA Recognition Day. The President made the proclamation below and I wanted to share it with you. … [Read more...]


I’m Sorry. My Life Doesn’t Fit into a Soundbite

Yesterday I was asked a question which I've been asked before. Many times. I think reporters like to ask this question of milspouses. I've always tried to answer this question, but I don't really have … [Read more...]


SpouseBUZZ Blog Series, Part II:
I want a blog! But how do I DO it?

When we moved to Fort Campbell, KY in 2004 I knew we were headed for a deployment. And I needed an outlet. Something that would allow me to vent, in a somewhat constructive fashion. I was new to the … [Read more...]


Birthday Bear

A day late, but I thought I posted it yesterday - technology is my friend, technology is my friend, technology is my friend. Happy Birthday!  or is it better to say Happy Anniversary!  What … [Read more...]


Just how do you capture a concept?

A net won't work in the material world. A firewall won't work in the cyber world. Or maybe it's that a really good concept or idea, is something that comes into your mind at a time and in a place, … [Read more...]


What a Year!

Welcome to our new readers! Today, we're celebrating our first birthday. Regular posting will resume tomorrow. In the meantime, you can take a stroll through our humor, PCS or deployment archives and … [Read more...]


Happy Anniversary, Spousebuzz!!!!

Wow, has it really been a year since Andi and the gang opened up Spousebuzz? I am the newcomer to Spousebuzz, at least on the author side of things, but I do remember when it all started.  What a … [Read more...]


A Year Does Make a Difference…

I re-read the post I wrote here a year ago and while some things are "the same", I realize they truly have changed.  I'm betting if you think back to a year ago, the same is true for … [Read more...]


The Reintroduction of airforcewife

I feel like breaking into a Marilyn Monroe rendition of Happy Birthday! Luckily, although we've got a great website and a radio show, we don't have a TV Talk contract.  So you'll be spared. For … [Read more...]


A wonderful year indeed

The launch of SpouseBUZZ began last year with all of the authors introducing ourselves.  I had big hopes for SpouseBUZZ, but honestly, I never could have imagined how wonderful it would be, how … [Read more...]


Reintroducing Sarah

I like to say that we've gotten pretty good mileage out of the Army already.  My husband has been in the Active Army for five years now, and we're already on our fifth duty station.  Most … [Read more...]


A year later…..

~"When we are working at a difficult task and strive after a good thing, we are fighting a righteous battle, the direct reward of which is that we are kept from much evil. As we advance in life … [Read more...]


May I have a side order of fries with that humiliation, please?

During summer camp, my youngest daughter made best-good-friends with the daughter of one of the squadron commanders on our base. They absolutely love each other, and they look so cute together.  … [Read more...]


Fun with power tools

Before I begin this post, I want to state emphatically that I LOVE my husband.  I do.  I really do. Lancelot has a degree in mechanical engineering.  I've seen it.  I have to go … [Read more...]


Getting “paid”

Last night I was in the SpouseBuzz chat room and had the opportunity to "meet" two faithful SB readers.  As we were chatting the subject of "pay" came up.  Just to … [Read more...]


Beer in the Rear

I'm pretty sure that this title will do little in the way of getting the SpouseBUZZ XXX rating reversed, but the title was just too applicable not to use. Besides, GBear has been busy destroying our … [Read more...]