SpouseBUZZ Pajama Party: Special Edition TONIGHT!

As you know, airforcewife has recently started a SpouseBUZZ Fit Club. Looks like she's doing pretty well, too. Tonight, we're going to host a special edition of SpouseBUZZ Talk Radio at 9:00 p.m. EST. … [Read more...]


Meaningful Programming

Last night, my husband and I were watching television when one of those commercials targeting bald men came on. Use this product and you'll get your hair back. One no-longer-bald man said, "Life … [Read more...]


Check the Box

Many of us are residents of one state but live in another. Many of us live overseas. Many of us have deployed spouses. This means that we have to do a little extra legwork when it comes to voting. … [Read more...]


SpouseBUZZ Fit Club – Report In!

How did you do this week?  I had some good, some bad, and some VERY FRUSTRATING. The good?  I managed to exercise every day but yesterday when I was barfing up everything I'd eaten since … [Read more...]


National Military Family Assn. – Government and You E-News

For the week of February 19, 2008 1. Online Course for Educators of Military Children Available 2. Illinois Launches Warrior Assistance Program 3. TBI Compensation by the VA Questioned by Senators 4. … [Read more...]


The Rise of Military Spouse Blogging

Christopher Griffin of Armed Forces Journal just published an interesting piece about milspouse blogging, which can be found here. If you've been sitting on the fence but are interested in becoming a … [Read more...]


Tonight on SpouseBuzz Talk Radio, PTSD part 2

Last week, Joan D' Arc and I were joined by PTSD specialist Dr. Roca for an hour where we discussed Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  It is hard to summarize the discussion in brief, but I think … [Read more...]


Privatized Housing – Revisited

It continues to amaze me that there are still so many comments being added about Privatized Housing. I should not be surprised - really.  It is an ongoing hot topic.  One that profoundly … [Read more...]


And You Thought I Needed Your Advice… Why?

I'm a "sandwicher".  I am taking care of my kids and taking care of my old, cantankerous, Russian Mother-in-Law at the same time. And it really sucks. As if the stress and strain of … [Read more...]


Expansion of the Family and Medical Leave Act

FMLA expanded for military familiesOn January 28, the president signed into law a large defense funding authorization package that contains the first expansion of the Family and Medical Leave Act … [Read more...]


Ah, But There are Similarities, Too…

We often discuss the differences between civilian life and military life here at SpouseBUZZ. One of the topics we've covered pretty extensively is how often we're geographically separated from family … [Read more...]


The Mental Off-and-On

When a deployment is announced, we spouses put ourselves in a certain mindframe.  I am sure there are many ways of dealing with the news, but my personal way is to start to focus on the things I … [Read more...]


A Daily Dose of Pamper

I was one of the luckiest teens in the world - rare was the day when I had a zit of any sort. I just didn't have a pimple problem - no acne, no nothing.  Life was good. So I'm hoping someone can … [Read more...]


It’s the Perfect Storm

So...LCPL Dark Prince is coming home on block leave soon and I am looking forward to that.  That said, I am beginning to feel a little crazed over the details. First, Lancelot will be traveling … [Read more...]


NMFA Military Spouse Scholarship

Applications Now Accepted for NMFA Military Spouse ScholarshipMilitary spouses wishing to obtain professional certification or to attend post-secondary or graduate school may apply online for the NMFA … [Read more...]


Some Return Addresses really make my stomach turn

You know, you grab the mail, start tossing the junk in file 13; start pitching the bills into the basket to, er, pay later; and anything that you don't recognize -- you just leave on the counter, … [Read more...]


Service Loan Programs

Money troubles?  Considering a loan? There is much to consider before taking out any type of loan.  Each branch of the military offers a program to help service-members and/or their … [Read more...]


20 years ago today.

20 years ago today, Col. Rich Higgins, USMC was taken captive by certain forces in Lebanon. 20 years ago today, his wife, Lt. Col. Robin Higgins, USMC embarked on a journey not of her choosing.  … [Read more...]