You wait and you wait, and you hope …

There are positions of trust and responsibility in our Services, where the onus of command bears heavily on one's shoulders.  Truly, as I type, I'm observing The Boss perform a ritual that … [Read more...]


Knock, Knock. Anyone Home?

Slow weekend around here. You mean to tell me that you actually have lives and you're out living them? How dare you? Kidding, of course. On a serious note, you DO NOT want to miss tonight's … [Read more...]


Bloggie Stuff

Since the subject of blogging has been a big focus around here lately, let me give you a little more to chew on. … [Read more...]


Oh, Well…Not so Bad, Then?

I have an update to my old Those Wacky Civilians post. I ordered pizza recently. The bubbly, bouncy, beautiful girl (BBB) who delivered my pizza needed my driver's license number. … [Read more...]


Odds and Ends (and Things You Shouldn’t Miss)

Last night we hosted an informative show with guest and fitness expert Stew Smith. According to Stew, if you do just one thing to try and improve your health, it should be drinking water. Click here … [Read more...]



With the frequent deployment cycles that all branches of services are experiencing, I am so proud of our military families.    My Husband has been gone for about 1/2 of each of our childrens … [Read more...]


Caring for children of our wounded heroes

Sesame Workshop brought military families a wonderful resource when they launched the Talk, Listen, Connect DVD.  The DVD can be obtained at no charge to military families via Military OneSource … [Read more...]


Blue Skies Smiling at Me

A few weeks ago, I wrote about all the new critters I've been exposed to each time we've moved from one place to the other. Our new duty station wasn't on my top ten list of places I would like to … [Read more...]


SpouseBUZZ Blog Series: Blog Etiquette

Before we get into "blog etiquette," I realize that the information in this section may seem harsh, but there really isn't a way to write about blog etiquette in a happy-go-lucky manner. … [Read more...]


Signing His Life Away

I just read a post over at Hurry Up and Wait about the looming choice to reenlist or not.  My family just made this decision, and at the no-turning-back stage: my husband has another year … [Read more...]


Don’t Come in My House!

I live in base housing. There are many good things about base housing - which is why we chose it.  It's nice for AirForceGuy to live close to work, although that kind of backfires when he is the … [Read more...]


SpouseBUZZ LIVE: Ft. Bragg/Pope – Here We Come!

The SpouseBUZZ team is super excited about taking our next LIVE event to Fayetteville, North Carolina, home to Ft. Bragg and Pope Air Force Base. If you've never attended one of these events, you are … [Read more...]


Blogging Series Part Quatro: Networking

OK, so you have stumbled onto the Blogosphere, now what? Even though most would say the next part I am daring to bring up has NOTHING to do with blogging, I am going to argue it has EVERYTHING to do … [Read more...]


We Were Significant Others Once, Too

Although SpouseBUZZ is a place for military spouses, not all of our readers are military spouses. "Significant others" also lurk, read and comment here, and we're happy to have you. After … [Read more...]


Fitness: It Does a Body Good

Once a deployment begins, many of us make an extensive to-do list. We think that we'll have a lot of time to get things done and meet our self-assigned goals. In reality, it doesn't always work out … [Read more...]


Did you know?

Included in this week's Military Report: 2007 AcademyWomen Career Workshop and Fourth Annual Symposium Come out to Fleet Week in San Francisco this Weekend Legal Assistance Helps Airmen National … [Read more...]


Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund

Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund started on a military wife's kitchen table at Camp Pendleton. In April of 2003, Karen Guenther, a registered nurse and Marine wife, saw the difficulties facing injured or … [Read more...]


Seeking Help

Over the past few weeks, the SpouseBUZZ team has been inundated with requests from milspouses seeking help and advice on everything from financial matters to child custody matters to marital problems. … [Read more...]