Thinking Outside the Box: Military Spouses for Creative Solutions

Over the past few days, as a result of the recent USA Today article, our collective heads have been swirling with thought. Emails between the SpouseBUZZ crew have been flying back and forth. And I do … [Read more...]


Adjustment or overkill?

My Husband had recently applied, and was hired to a new position.  This has been good news for our family, on several fronts.  We will be moving to our home state, where we have family and … [Read more...]


“Tell Him We Said Hello”

My father spent a few years in the Army before he met my mother. He has a love of all-things-Army. Many years ago, while stationed in Texas, my husband and I had some single soldiers over to our home … [Read more...]


Did You Know?

Noteworthy items from this week's Military Report: Association Offers Congressional GuideExchanges Sponsor SweepstakesFemale Marine Nominees Sought for AwardHelping Children Cope During … [Read more...]


“I Serve FOR My Children”

Blogger and Army wife Sis B just went through an ugly custody battle for her son.  At the trial, her ex-husband's lawyer came at her current husband, Soldier Boy, with this line of questioning:At … [Read more...]


Protocol Primer

I'm not the most politically adept person.  I have a certain knowledge of basic protocol and am not completely embarassing when left in public, unless of course I'm really hungry!  I firmly … [Read more...]


Mission: Accomplished

Let it hereby be known that AirForceWife can now knit socks.Let the love flow... … [Read more...]


Even More Military Wife Confessions

As I check around the military spouse blogs, I've noticed something.  Whenever pictures are posted I think, "Wow, that chick has a totally hawt husband!"  Not that I'm being a … [Read more...]


When Insanity Takes Over

The Army just threw us a curve ball. This one was a bit different than others that have been thrown at us over the years. This one was a good curve ball, and one we're very excited about. Now, I … [Read more...]


I have an idea…

Something like this may already exist in one or more places in our military community, but I have yet to hear about it.  So just in case, I'm throwing an idea out there that I think could really … [Read more...]


Bringing a Little Navy to SpouseBUZZ

I've been working on some self-introductions, and my drafts are truly witty, or thoughtful, or just darn good.  But they will also never be perfect, and so I'm diving right in. I'm She of the … [Read more...]


Welcome Aboard

Some of you may have noticed the new icon on the right-hand side of the page. The mermaid one. At long last, SpouseBUZZ has brought a Navy wife on board. We're thrilled to welcome She of the Sea to … [Read more...]


Ohio National Guard support ROCKS

I am honored to be a part of the Ohio National Guard Interservice Family Assistance Committee (ISFAC).  As I am an Air Force spouse, you might find it a bit odd that I am part of this group, it … [Read more...]



I spoke with my Mother in Law this morning.  It is cold where she lives.  She told me she spent the day thinking about her Father.  Her Father was a Veteran and fought in the Battle of … [Read more...]


Is it Broken? If So, What’s the Fix?

I knew something was up yesterday as soon as I turned on my phone and opened my inbox. And it was. A big article in USA Today about the stresses being placed on military families. FORT BRAGG, N.C. - … [Read more...]


Confessions of a Military Spouse – the Ongoing Saga

To keep up with my husband, my friends from various duty stations, and my family I have no fewer than three instant messaging programs on my computer.  I may have more.  I've stopped … [Read more...]


I Think They Issue Us Monkey Wrenches

My husband and I are total homebodies.  We never take leave, we never go away for the weekend, and we barely make it to the mailbox on weekends at home.  We haven't been on a trip together … [Read more...]


Cheering for Shequila Farrelly

I have never watched the show, but I certainly hope my fellow Army Wife wins lots and lots of money:The wife of a soldier serving in Afghanistan will appear tonight on NBC's hit game show, "Deal or No … [Read more...]