So You Want To Be a Nurse?

We have had a couple of profession posts up recently which have garnered a lot of comments.  As someone that has worked in the nursing field and has been an active duty, civilian, and a national … [Read more...]


Overheard at the Mall

This is something that seriously qualifies for urban legend status and a Snopes entry all its own.  Really.  It really does. Except that I was there, I really overheard it; and it actually … [Read more...]


What’s your BIZ?

Many military spouses own home-based businesses or small businesses in the local community.  Are your interests in cosmetics? Home decorating? Consignment? Kitchen fun? Kid's toys? Healthy … [Read more...]


A Time to Remember: A Walk for Freedom

This past weekend, my husband and I went away for a couple of days. As luck would have it, there was a Marine Corps reunion going on at the hotel where we stayed. The reunion had what looked to be … [Read more...]


In Focus: T.A.P.S.

NOTE - THIS POST WILL STAY ON TOP TODAY, SCROLL DOWN FOR FRESH POSTS. As a community of military spouses, one of the most important things we can do is advocate for those who are unable to completely … [Read more...]


Fly By the Seat of Your Pants

My husband and I are generally planners. The details of most things we do, fun and otherwise, are pretty well thought out. But I have noticed that since my husband returned from his last deployment, … [Read more...]


What’s Love?

I know for a fact that my husband loves me more than anything.  He's proven it.  How? Last week he not only burned me a CD of my favorite Neil Diamond songs, but then he PLAYED IT IN THE CAR … [Read more...]


Who’s With Me?

It's a holiday weekend. Yippie! Or not... I have no plans. None. Think I'll just haunt the SpouseBUZZ halls and torture you with my sick sense of humor. Well no, that probably wouldn't be good, … [Read more...]


Quiet Panic

We have discussed various realms of deployment and reintegration in the past.  I have an experience to share with you that seemingly came out of nowhere and dates back to a previous deployment. … [Read more...]


What a Deal!

Imagine this - finding a career that let's you train from home, work from home and move without losing your job. It's out there, waiting for you to seize it. This job allows you to take a self-paced … [Read more...]


It’s the little things

I had to re-register my car today. The state provides a military exemption for state taxes on car registration for military members who are not Hawai'i residents. So I went down to Rear Detachment and … [Read more...]


Jenny Sokol Chronicles Her Life and Ours

There was a treasure waiting for me every week in the Orange County Register when I lived at Pendleton. Jenny Sokol. In 2004, I first read her column, titled "Singing the Cowgirl Blues." … [Read more...]


Back By Popular Demand

No more Army Wives on Sunday nights. How to fill the void? We have an idea... … [Read more...]


Is it Possible for Military Spouses to Find a Transportable Career?

Military spouses looking for a career often face challenges that most of our civilian counterparts do not. We're always on the move. New town. New job market. New industries. A resume as long as I-95, … [Read more...]


How much involvement is too much?

We've all heard our mom's tell us that just because one aspirin was good, two or three won't necessarily be better.  But what about our involvement as spouses, some involvement is good and … [Read more...]


Operation Santa-itis….

This is a serious disease, folks...not to be taken lightly.. Some symptoms include:While shopping, you look at an individual item (such as a pack of gum) and multiply the price by 100 or 200 or 300, … [Read more...]


In Case You Missed It

Last night I noticed that someone who claims to work on the production team of Army Wives left a comment on our season finale discussion thread. Some of you already noticed. I see that MedWife seized … [Read more...]


Shakin’ My Groove Thang

I would like someone - ANYONE - to explain to me how on earth it can be possible that I'm not a skinny stick woman with all the running around, cleaning, picking up after my kids and yard work that I … [Read more...]