Tell me, what can you do?

I am not handy around the house. My Father was quite handy when I was growing up. And he made sure to teach me how to change a tire, and check oil in the car. Beyond that, I really never had much … [Read more...]


“Where have you been?”

"Where have you been?" I asked myself today as I was getting caught up on SpouseBUZZ posts.  My answer to myself: "I have no idea!  What day is it anyway?" Now, I don't … [Read more...]



We previously discussed Privatized Housing back in January.  This is a continuous hot topic, so let's do some follow up. … [Read more...]


Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself

Before I became SemperFi wife, I was an Air Force brat.  I have moved 19 times and lived in 5 foreign countries:  Canada, Spain, Germany, Turkey and Egypt.  Alas, I am only fluent in … [Read more...]


4th of July

I just wanted to take a minute to wish all SpouseBUZZers a happy Independence Day, especially all of you whose spouses are far away today.  You are in our thoughts and we are grateful. … [Read more...]


Family Readiness Group regulations

I was fortunate enough to attend a town hall meeting with the Acting Secretary of the Army, Mr. Pete Geren, earlier this week. He spent the majority of his time asking for and answering questions and … [Read more...]


Homefront support

We've all heard the statement that homefront support for the troops is waining.  Many organizations that were gung ho to support the troops have had to close their doors due to lack of financial … [Read more...]


Welcome Semper Fi Wife

Please join me in welcoming Semper Fi Wife to the cast of SpouseBUZZ authors. As the name indicates, Semper Fi Wife is the wife of a Marine, and we're thrilled to have some Marine representation … [Read more...]


Army Wives: Episode Five Discussion Thread

Wow, a lot was packed into last night's episode of Army Wives. Where to start? … [Read more...]


Review of Michelle Keener’s book Shared Courage

If I could go back and talk to myself on September 10, 2001, what would I say?  What advice could I give myself on how to get through the next decade? I think about this hindsight when I try to … [Read more...]


CE Saviors

When I became a military wife, my mother - a former military spouse - gave me the best advice ever. WATCH AND LISTEN WHEN C.E. COMES TO THE HOUSE! … [Read more...]


In Case You Missed It…

Last night on SpouseBUZZ Talk Radio we were joined by Donna Musil, the filmmaker of BRATS: Our Journey Home. Among the many things we learned were that GBear is an introvert, (who knew?) there is a … [Read more...]


PCS Season From the Sidelines

Like GBear, I will not be moving during the "normal" PCS season.  We are gearing up for a move, but not in the June/July/August rush. However, it seems as though everyone else on my … [Read more...]


Donna Musil on SpouseBUZZ Talk Radio Tonight

A reminder that we will be speaking with Donna Musil, the filmmaker and Army brat behind the film, BRATS: Our Journey Home tonight at 6:00 EDT on SpouseBUZZ Talk Radio. Click here to listen live. If … [Read more...]


Some secrets are not meant to be shared

When I was about 12 (which was old enough to reach the tall cupboards), I made a huge discovery.  … [Read more...]



Homecoming = Your service member will soon be coming home from a deployment.  Reunion time is a wonderfully exciting time for military families.  And possibly a bit stressful. This posting … [Read more...]


Wonderful News – Follow Up Post

About a week ago, I wrote about The Sad End of an Era.  Today, I found one of those trademarked MilSpouse moments when you just KNOW someone is watching out for you.  I found someone - a … [Read more...]


A Smooth Move? Not So Much…

The Army has played games with me since I became associated with it through marriage. In my first year as an Army Wife, I moved three times. After that year, I settled into a more normal cycle of … [Read more...]