Looking back…

DH and I are quickly approaching our 10th wedding anniversary.  8 days after out wedding we were separated for the first time (as a married couple).  Our "honeymoon" was spent at … [Read more...]


Homes and Land

I just love to ask questions of you, our readers.  Let's chat!! I want to hear from those of you that have experienced purchasing homes or land, or have tried to do so while in the … [Read more...]


A Hard Lesson Learned

This week, my daughters found the CDs I burned for Hubs while he was deployed.  These CDs contained pieces and parts of video footage and still photos shot throughout his deployment that I … [Read more...]


Bless the Bikes

I recently wrote about attending a military funeral for a local soldier who died of injuries sustained in Iraq.  What I didn't write about is an extraordinary group of individuals who really … [Read more...]


Every Five Years a Fire

My couch is nasty.  The rips in the back of it are hidden because we've backed it up against a wall.  Every time anyone sits on it, their butt descends to a point roughly an inch or two from … [Read more...]


Government and You E-News – March 6, 2007

Topics in This Weeks News Include: 1. NMFA Asserts Problems at Walter Reed Part of Systemwide Access to Care Challenges 2. DoD Stands Alone as Model for Quality Child Care 3. NMFA on Capitol … [Read more...]


Did you know?

This week's Military Report includes: Free Spouse Career CoachingRegister for the Military.com Career Fair in ChicagoTotal Force G.I. Bill Introduced to LegislationBonuses Announced for Navy … [Read more...]


A request for all milspouses

Many of you may know by now that I am in graduate school.  I am working on a paper/presentation and I could use your help, if you are interested.  Here's the situation:  I am working on … [Read more...]


Hey Guys, Feeling Fat?

Do you find yourself sitting around day-in and day-out, day-dreaming the time away?  You know, the time between when they all leave and then all come back ... first, you get your MilWife out the … [Read more...]


The Winds of Change

We're sad to announce that Marine Wife Joann will be leaving the SpouseBUZZ team. Joann has been a great advocate for milspouses, specifically Marine spouses. We wish Joann all the best in her new … [Read more...]


Two Winners

February's "What's Your Story" contest has produced a tie. So, there's only one thing to do - declare two winners. Milspouses Linda and Jennifer tell us what happens "When … [Read more...]


Farewell Ethan

I just came from a viewing of a local service member who died from traumatic brain injuries he received a year ago in Iraq.  Ethan Biggers graduated from our local high school in 2003.  He … [Read more...]


The Best MilSpouse Movie Scene EVER

And it's not even about military spouses.  Have you seen it? … [Read more...]


Glass … ceiling?

I doubt you're interested in something that really gets me fired-up, and I know, I know, people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw rocks, but ... Ever listen to most of the news commentators or … [Read more...]


Man, Can They One-Up Everything…

One thing is certain about the military: it teaches our spouses to endure.  I remember vividly the day my husband's best friend was bragging to me about how, during an especially rough patch of … [Read more...]



We're aware that some of you are having trouble posting a comment. Apparently, the number verification screen isn't popping up, so your comments aren't posted. Others are having no trouble commenting, … [Read more...]


SpouseBUZZ Book Club

I know that several of you read Household Baggage, the first book selected for our SpouseBUZZ Book Club. We're going to schedule a podcast interview with Marna, the author, soon. In the last … [Read more...]


Applications, Boards and Home Inspections

Okay, this isn't really about milspouse issues, but here goes. Three months ago, my husband and I lost our dog to canine lymphoma. Two weeks ago, we lost our cat of 16 years. I had her longer than … [Read more...]