Thanks Everybody!

Hi Everyone - Just a quick note to say this will be my last post here on SpouseBUZZ. As most of you know, I have my hands in several media and writing projects and there are only so many hours in the … [Read more...]


Resonation Update

The other day when I posted about predeployment anxiety and stress, I had put up a link.  Well I decided to change the font, of the information and upon doing so I had deleted the link.  … [Read more...]


Testing 1-2-3…

Busy day here at SpouseBUZZ. We're testing out a new feature and plan to incorporate more polls into the blog. Read the poll below and place your vote. Only one vote per person is allowed. We'll … [Read more...]


Beauty and Bravery

Okay ladies, skip that next beauty treatment, or buy the Wet N' Wild lipstick rather than the Clinique. It all adds up and can make a difference. … [Read more...]


What’s Your Story: June Edition

The television series Army Wives has spurred a lot of discussion here at SpouseBUZZ. Leading up to the premiere episode, and right after the premiere, many milspouses were concerned with how real Army … [Read more...]


Degrees of Separation

Yesterday, my husband and I were sitting in the base Burger King waiting for our food to be done so we could scarf down a quick yet enjoyable meal sans children. And before I get to the heart of my … [Read more...]


Left Behind

This year is worst than most.....I'm the one left behind! … [Read more...]



While watching Army Wives tonight, I watched them take some real situation, and try to convey feelings and words through and actor and actress, and I think they may be on to something here. The … [Read more...]


Army Wives: Episode Two (Discussion Thread Open)

After last week's premiere of Army Wives, I was anxious to see the second episode. How would the storylines and characters develop? The second episode did not disappoint. I thought the topics that … [Read more...]


Meet the Author

If you live near the Ft. Rucker area or Ft. Stewart you'll have to put on your POD (Plan of the Day) ;) to visit Holly Scherer at your local exchange. Holly and Kathie Hightower were the keynote … [Read more...]


The Key Ingredient in My Room Makeover

I'm in the process of rearranging rooms in my house. I am a person who loves to rearrange the living room, my bedroom...etc. BigK does NOT like to move any furniture, ever. So, when I decided to do … [Read more...]


What’s Your Story Winner – April Edition

Due to SpouseBUZZ LIVE San Diego, we didn't announce a topic for the monthly What's Your Story contest in May, but we're back on track now. April's topic was, "How I Make a House … [Read more...]


Bad Mom Moments

I've had them, you've had them.  We're all bonded together by a string of mutual 'bad mom' moments.  It's what we talk about at bus stops, charity dinners and, apparently blogs!  But I … [Read more...]


Home is Where the Car Is

Our military family has gone through quite a number of cars.  First, we tend to rack up mileage on them fairly quickly.  Moving across the country multiple times in a decade will do … [Read more...]


“…and 2 Weeks A Year.”

Our "two weeks" is fast approaching and I'm perpetually amazed how the Army time continuum turns two weeks into a month.  This is probably the first time where M2 is old enough to … [Read more...]


Arrrghhh Maties (say it like a pirate)

My Dear Husband is away currently.  A short 6 month stint at military training.   The bad news is we only had 6 days to get ready for this.  The training was supposed to be … [Read more...]


“I’ll make it up to you…”

The other night DH and I were watching the TV show Criminal Minds, which is about an FBI Behavioral Analysis unit that goes all over the place solving crimes.  You've probably seen it...  … [Read more...]


Odds and Ends

Looks like "Army Wives" smashed previous ratings records for a Lifetime original series premiere. "Army Wives," meanwhile, brought in 3.5 million viewers for Lifetime on Sunday -- … [Read more...]