Memorial for Mom

My friend, Karen, wrote me to tell me of her mom's death due to cancer last week.  I went a bit numb with shock.  It's always hard to hear of the death of someone you know a friend loved … [Read more...]


40 Minutes Till Go-Time

I just received word that all four members of Drowning Pool will be joining us at 3:00 EDT on SpouseBUZZ Talk Radio. We'll have the full compliment. Hooah.... As an Army wife, I greatly appreciate … [Read more...]


In Case You Missed It…

Last night on SpouseBUZZ Talk Radio, AWTM and Guard Wife discussed what I think is one of the toughest issues facing military families - reintegration. You can click the play button below to listen to … [Read more...]


Drowning Pool and SpouseBUZZ Set to Bang Heads Tomorrow

What do heavy metal and SpouseBUZZ Talk Radio have in common? More than you might think. The heavy-metal band Drowning Pool has performed live for troops in Iraq, Kuwait and South Korea as part of a … [Read more...]


Was it a Hostile Takeover?

My beloved husband has some very military quirks in his dress habits.  For instance, the man will not leave the house without a t-shirt under his shirt.  I am not kidding when I reveal that … [Read more...]


Do you want to use a “Lifeline”?

Several of my friends in our unit chose to move back to the mainland for the duration of the deployment. Slowly, they are returning to the island. One of my good friends is back this week and is … [Read more...]


You gotta have friends…

My husband is my best friend. I delight in his company, seek his opinion, trust his counsel, and, at times, marvel at his patience. That said, women need women friends too.  It's not that … [Read more...]


Reunion and Reintegration on SpouseBuzz Talk Radio

I am one of those wives that has had anxiety around reunion, and I have also had trouble with reintegration.  I have also been lucky enough to note, (thanks to SpouseBuzz)I am not ALONE … [Read more...]


Did you know?

Included in this week's Military Report: TRICARE for Students Family Network Launches Program TRICARE Dental Care Oversea Foundation Stands Beside New Marines Homes for Our Troops Household Goods … [Read more...]


Itchin’ to Go

In last night's episode of Army Wives, Trevor tears his ACL.  He comes out of the doctor's office on crutches and tells his wife that his injuries are serious enough that he won't be deploying … [Read more...]


Beg, Grovel – I need your help!

I'm writing a post to beg, grovel and plea for help!  As most of you know, I am founder of an organization called "Sew Much Comfort".  We provide adaptive clothing for the wounded … [Read more...]



Okay, so you move to a new residence.  Be it base housing, a rental or you bought it, the residence is "yours" for a time.  You hang your curtains, put your pictures on the wall … [Read more...]


Tell me, what can you do?

I am not handy around the house. My Father was quite handy when I was growing up. And he made sure to teach me how to change a tire, and check oil in the car. Beyond that, I really never had much … [Read more...]


“Where have you been?”

"Where have you been?" I asked myself today as I was getting caught up on SpouseBUZZ posts.  My answer to myself: "I have no idea!  What day is it anyway?" Now, I don't … [Read more...]



We previously discussed Privatized Housing back in January.  This is a continuous hot topic, so let's do some follow up. … [Read more...]


Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself

Before I became SemperFi wife, I was an Air Force brat.  I have moved 19 times and lived in 5 foreign countries:  Canada, Spain, Germany, Turkey and Egypt.  Alas, I am only fluent in … [Read more...]


4th of July

I just wanted to take a minute to wish all SpouseBUZZers a happy Independence Day, especially all of you whose spouses are far away today.  You are in our thoughts and we are grateful. … [Read more...]


Family Readiness Group regulations

I was fortunate enough to attend a town hall meeting with the Acting Secretary of the Army, Mr. Pete Geren, earlier this week. He spent the majority of his time asking for and answering questions and … [Read more...]