The Real Show

There have long been shows and movies purporting to be about the experience of being a military family, a military spouse, a military member during wartime.  I think that at this particular … [Read more...]


A Conversation With Marna Krajeski

The second book in our SpouseBUZZ Book Club was Household Baggage: The Moving Life of a Soldier's Wife, by Army wife and author Marna Krajeski. Household Baggage is a hilarious look at the challenges … [Read more...]


“Fighting for Life”

I didn't have the privilege of attending the premier of "Fighting for Life" at the National Air and Space Museum's IMAX Theater in Washington, DC on May 15, 2007.  The film is the brainchild of … [Read more...]


The Doctor is In “Love” – Tessa Welcome Aboard!

Ok, so you know I'd have to write about the season finale of ABC's The Bachelor.  I know there are closet watchers out there.  I'm also thinking some first time viewers who just couldn't … [Read more...]


Mother’s Day – A Week Late….or Right on Time

This past Mother's Day I was on board an airplane most of the day.  When I arrived home, I was sleep deprived and in need of a nap.  It was 530 before I was ready to face the world and my … [Read more...]


Did you know?

Included in this week's Military Report: GI Film Festival Coming Memorial Day WeekendNational Memorial Day ConcertNew Security Measure Added to myPayA Soldier's Wish ListCash Availability Easier … [Read more...]


Renter Etiquette Goes Down the Toilet

Ah, PCS time. What a thrill. Especially when you're PCSing for only 11 months and trying to rent your house. Most renters, understandably, don't want to sign a one-year lease. I can relate to that. … [Read more...]


Sisterly love

Andi wrote a great post about the sacrifices our extended families make when we live the military lifestyle.  Missed births, birthdays, holidays, graduations, etc.  It's hard for us and our … [Read more...]


Caring for the Caretaker

I have four kids and a dog with a finicky stomach, so I rarely go any appreciable length of time without someone getting sick.  I deal with snotty noses, I deal with coughing that sounds like … [Read more...]


The Grass Isn’t Always Greener on the Other Side

I've been at this milspouse business for many years now. During those years, I've done my share of complaining about having to drive or fly across the country on special occasions and holidays. I … [Read more...]


The Bachelor – She’s Gone

Yes, it's time for the recap of The Bachelor.  I know there are closet watchers out there.  If you've never seen The Bachelor, now is the best time to watch since next Monday is the season … [Read more...]


Love is in the Details

Im back and still on a bit of a high from the SpouseBUZZ Live 2 Mil-Spouse Conference in San Diego.  There is so much to write about that Im sure I'll be writing follow up posts as the days go … [Read more...]


Love Military Style

Are any of you old enough to remember "Love American Style"?  Well, today is my wedding anniversary and I've been thinking about how it's different than what I expected.  We've … [Read more...]


airforcewife Flies the Friendly Skies

SpouseBuzz Live 2 rocked!  I had so much fun and met so many new people that I'm still completely overwhelmed!  I've even got pictures to share... but I think I should go in order of … [Read more...]


Group Hug

When I began blogging in 2003, I had no idea that it could lead to such exciting and fulfilling moments like SpouseBuzz Live II.  Having a place like SpouseBuzz is equivalent to having a big … [Read more...]


Let’s Dance

I hope you never lose your sense of wonder You get your fill to eat But always keep that hunger May you never take one single breath for granted God forbid love ever leave you empty handed I hope you … [Read more...]



I was lucky enough to have the best seat in the house for SpouseBuzz Live in San Diego.  And as I stood at the front of the room, and I watched the young Marines, march in with the colors … [Read more...]


Welcome to SpouseBUZZ

We want to welcome our new SpouseBUZZ readers. Those of you who are new should poke around a bit and read some of our archived posts (on the right). There you will find seven months of funny, … [Read more...]