A request for all milspouses

Many of you may know by now that I am in graduate school.  I am working on a paper/presentation and I could use your help, if you are interested.  Here's the situation:  I am working on … [Read more...]


Hey Guys, Feeling Fat?

Do you find yourself sitting around day-in and day-out, day-dreaming the time away?  You know, the time between when they all leave and then all come back ... first, you get your MilWife out the … [Read more...]


The Winds of Change

We're sad to announce that Marine Wife Joann will be leaving the SpouseBUZZ team. Joann has been a great advocate for milspouses, specifically Marine spouses. We wish Joann all the best in her new … [Read more...]


Two Winners

February's "What's Your Story" contest has produced a tie. So, there's only one thing to do - declare two winners. Milspouses Linda and Jennifer tell us what happens "When … [Read more...]


Farewell Ethan

I just came from a viewing of a local service member who died from traumatic brain injuries he received a year ago in Iraq.  Ethan Biggers graduated from our local high school in 2003.  He … [Read more...]


The Best MilSpouse Movie Scene EVER

And it's not even about military spouses.  Have you seen it? … [Read more...]


Glass … ceiling?

I doubt you're interested in something that really gets me fired-up, and I know, I know, people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw rocks, but ... Ever listen to most of the news commentators or … [Read more...]


Man, Can They One-Up Everything…

One thing is certain about the military: it teaches our spouses to endure.  I remember vividly the day my husband's best friend was bragging to me about how, during an especially rough patch of … [Read more...]



We're aware that some of you are having trouble posting a comment. Apparently, the number verification screen isn't popping up, so your comments aren't posted. Others are having no trouble commenting, … [Read more...]


SpouseBUZZ Book Club

I know that several of you read Household Baggage, the first book selected for our SpouseBUZZ Book Club. We're going to schedule a podcast interview with Marna, the author, soon. In the last … [Read more...]


Applications, Boards and Home Inspections

Okay, this isn't really about milspouse issues, but here goes. Three months ago, my husband and I lost our dog to canine lymphoma. Two weeks ago, we lost our cat of 16 years. I had her longer than … [Read more...]


Government and You E-News – February 27, 2007

Topics in This Week's News Include: 1. Marines Take Care of Their Own 2. Military Spouses to Benefit from Free Career Coaching and Assistance 3. Army Families First Casualty Call Center Marks One … [Read more...]


What’s the 411?

I've received a couple of email complaints from spouses who are unhappy with the internet and cell phone service that our spouses are using to communicate with us from overseas. One Army wife … [Read more...]


When are you leaving?

I am sitting here laughing at my current situation.  Particularly after reading the post just below this one.  "When are you coming home".  Most of we mil-spouses during time … [Read more...]


When ARE you coming home?

This topic popped into my head just now - one that I don't think has been discussed yet on SB (and if it has, I apologize to whomever wrote about it).  It pertains to the "rumors of … [Read more...]


Household Baggage Wrap-Up Discussion Thread

Time to discuss Household Baggage, our SpouseBUZZ book of the month. We've already had a discussion on the first half of the book. Today, we'll discuss the rest of the book and ask you to submit your … [Read more...]


Odd Sniffing

My husband smells SO GOOD. In fact, he smells so good that more than once I have been caught in the completely ridiculous position of having people witness me lean over to sniff him at odd times when … [Read more...]



Last week, MacGyver called. He doesn't call often, preferring to IM rather than deal with the line at the phones or the delay when talking to us. But he had some down time and decided to call. We have … [Read more...]