The Absentee Auntie/Sister/Friend

I have become used to friends and family members who go through periods of not speaking to us.  Usually, it is because we miss a lot of holidays and milestone events, although I must admit that … [Read more...]


Deployment Embarrassments

Warning: Some adult content.... One of my least favorite things to deal with during a deployment is when something major breaks. Something that requires a maintenance man to come fix it. It's always a … [Read more...]



It's been more than three months since I left home to be a 'non-military medical attendant' for my son in MN while he goes through limb lengthening!  Lengthening done, external fixator off - we … [Read more...]


Shamefully Hanging My Head in the Corner

I know this is going to open me up to all sorts of finger shaking, tut-tutting, and Creative Memories CARE packages, but I have a confession to make. Until this morning, I had not put a picture in a … [Read more...]



Most of the contributers here at SpouseBuzz, had blogs before writing here in a support forum.  Some of us were blogging as a means of expression, or keeping the events of the day, (no matter … [Read more...]


Rain, sleet, snow, or shine

Andi wrote about all the exciting new animals you see moving around the world with the military.  I think many people experience the same shock at all the weather they get to endure.  So … [Read more...]



My question for this post is, "How do you count down the time while your spouse/significant other is away?" My life has been a series of semesters for the past 4 years.  I have been in grad school … [Read more...]


New Duty Stations Mean New Experiences. That, or They Just Reveal That I’m a Weirdo

I am not a military brat. I was born and raised in the same area. Until I met and married my husband, the only surroundings I was intimately familiar with were same the ones I had experienced, over … [Read more...]


NMFA Government and You E-News for the week of July 24, 2007

Topics in this Week's News Include: 1. TRICARE Beneficiary Personal Information at Risk 2. Free Financial Planning for Injured Service Members 3. NFL Players Extend Free SAT Prep Program 4. Wounded … [Read more...]


You Mean Have Lunch…Together…at a Restaurant?

One of the great things about a PCS move is that usually our spouses have several days when they arrive at their new duty station before they have to report for duty. Of course, most of that time is … [Read more...]


Why do they even make those checklists?

My previous post was about waiting in limbo to see if we get to take leave or not.  Regular SpouseBUZZ commenter dizzylizzie reminds us all that it's never safe to plan anything in the military … [Read more...]


Voting is open

I posted previously about Kmart's 'Best Military Homecoming Kiss or Hug Contest' and several of you wrote to me to say that you had entered.  The voting has now opened and there are many super … [Read more...]


The Spouse Role Outside Tradition

I'm a klutz.  I have had life-long dreams of being one of those graceful and gracious ladies who is always dressed impeccably and says the right thing at the right time in the perfect tone of … [Read more...]


Re: Milspouse Memorial

In the comment section of GBear's post about a possible Milspouse Memorial, someone mentioned that Ted Demianczyk of Military Spouse Magazine designed the proposed monument, which is being referred to … [Read more...]


Expanding Our Reach

When we first launched SpouseBUZZ Talk Radio, we had a crappy time-slot - 6:00 p.m. EDT. Immediately, we received complaints from many of you because at 6:00, some of you were on your way home from … [Read more...]


Army Wives: Episode Eight Discussion Thread

Another episode down and once again, some real-life situations were adequately addressed on last night's show. I had to laugh when Pamela was struggling to feed her children. She's out of milk for … [Read more...]


Milspouse Memorial

Just thought I'd pass on that we Military Spouses might get some monumental recognition.  Can't help but wonder what the statue would look like?!?!?!  How would we look when memorialized? … [Read more...]


Getting Back on Track

I've just completed a PCS move, so I have a lot to write about, but the thing I'm currently struggling with is how to get back on track. I'm a pretty regimented person and I usually operate on a … [Read more...]