About the Gate Guard that Never Smiles

During morning rush hour, cars creep forward in a queasy gas-break rhythm toward Gate 1. The most recent ISIS threats have prompted heightened security, so the guard is taking his time. After … [Read more...]


Military Resort Cracks Down on Unauthorized Guests (That’s You)

If you were thinking you'd travel to Europe and stay in the military's Edelweiss resort in Garmisch, Germany well, you're probably out of luck. That's because despite having a standing policy on … [Read more...]


12 Crazy Military Life Things We Weirdly Love

Welcome to the military spouse world, where up is sometimes down and left is sometimes right. It's a wonderful place, full of strange things that don't make most of us bat an eye. And if we're … [Read more...]


Commissary Delays in Europe Caused by More Dock Problems

If you noticed things were a little more sparse than usual at your commissary in Europe here's why: dock problems. Lots and lots of dock problems. A pretty hefty percentage of food stocked in … [Read more...]


Dear America: Cut the Crap and Learn Their Names

I was sitting in Firehouse Subs with my kids. It was a hot day, and we were out shopping, just killing time out of the house and out of the heat. We’d stopped for lunch and, as my boys laughed and … [Read more...]


Binder Tool Helps MilKid School Transition

A new tool for military parents could make your child's next transition to a new school just a tiny bit easier -- especially if he or she is a unique, gifted or challenged learner. A trio of … [Read more...]


Why I Love MilSpouse Life in the Summer

Summer is my favorite season. And during this season of my MilSpouse life summer is extra fantastic. Here's why: Why I Love the MilSpouse Life in the Summer 1. Lazy summer afternoons that lead … [Read more...]


Volunteering Gets You a Job? Maybe

At some point, someone has probably advised you to do some volunteering in order to fill gaps in your resume when you’re having trouble finding work. Someone has said 'volunteering gets you a job.' … [Read more...]


Dear Military Community: I Know Why You’re So Mean (and I’m Sorry)

It drips with hate and disgust. Facebook spouse support groups, those horrible bullying sites, social media feedback on articles and the comment section of any given military spouse blog site, … [Read more...]


Getting Out? Use This to Help You Know Where to Go

One of the things that is really exciting about the idea of getting out of the military is the blank slate it gives you. Chances are pretty good you don't plan to stay indefinitely near whatever … [Read more...]


MilSpouse Friendship Fears: Confessions

Can I tell you guys something? I've been lonely. Really, really lonely. Can you relate? You're probably thinking "stop complaining and get out there and make friends." That's not the problem. I DO … [Read more...]


5 Ways to Keep Transition From Making Your Head Explode

I'm sure the kind people who put together transition checklists didn't mean to launch full blown panic. Surely they're aren't that mean, right? The words "transition" and "getting out" have been … [Read more...]


Dear SpouseBuzz: Can He Hang With Those Below His Rank?

Dear SpouseBuzz: We are a fairly new military family. My husband is an officer and recently promoted to O2. We have been at this current duty station for the last few months, and I've made some very … [Read more...]


Military Towns Among Worst and Best Cities for Families

According to a new analysis military towns rank as both the bottom of the barrel and the cream of the crop among the nation's top 150 most populated cities. And I bet you can guess which ones go … [Read more...]


The 5 Friends Every Military Spouse Needs

Every year the meeting halls and conference rooms of Washington D.C. fill with military spouses. They’re there for Military Spouse of the Year, Homefront Rising, MSJDN, Spouse Summit, or maybe the … [Read more...]


How More Military Members Could Get Food Stamps

It works like this: if you are a military family in a lower pay grade with more than the average number of kids, you probably qualify for food stamps ... ... Depending, that is, on where you … [Read more...]


Brainwash Military Brats, Fix Recruitment Woes

A team of technology experts tasked by the Defense Department with brainstorming personnel issues has one big suggestion for fixing future military recruitment problems: just teach today's military … [Read more...]


Poll: Combine the Exchange Stores?

Giving lawmakers and Defense officials ideas and recommendations for what to do with the different retail systems like the commissaries and exchanges is all the rage these days. First you had the … [Read more...]