Poll: What Are You Doing With Your Tax Refund?

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How to Help Your Toddler PCS

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Military Kids: Resilient or Masters of Deception?

Why couldn’t my son say, “Mom, I’m not OK?”  After my son attempted suicide 16 months ago, one of the things I asked him was how I could have NOT known how bad things were? He looked me … [Read more...]


PCS Alone: Any Ideas To Survive?

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Why I Miss the Magic of Military Housing

I wouldn't trade living in our new home in the outer 'burbs for anything. Yet, when I drive onto base I'm suddenly flooded with a sigh of relief and a twinge of homecoming. Could it be that I'm … [Read more...]


Unmarried Girl’s Guide To Deployment

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What I Learned About Military Life From Cancer

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New PCS Rule Gives Users More Power Over Movers

Have a really bad moving crew? Starting in May 2014, a new rule gives you a bigger say in whether or not they get to keep working for the government. But to make it work, you've got to fill out the … [Read more...]


Why Do Men In Uniform Rule Online Dating Sites?

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YDU: Gotta Remember The Good Stuff

Why didn't you tell me that I would remember?  I remember some moments like they were yesterday, don't you?   I remember  standing at the air terminal with the kids in their carseats and trying not … [Read more...]


Is It Cheaper to Live On or Off Base?

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5 Interview Questions Every Spouse is Afraid to Hear

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Reserved for Rank: Spouses Get to Park in ‘Special’ Spots?

Yeah, I know the rules.  Yes, I know that I am not the active service member - my husband is.  And no, I do not wear my husband’s rank on my collar. The rank I proudly wear is: stay-at-home-mom, … [Read more...]


Army Ranger Rules for Parenting

"Don’t forget nothing." When Major Robert Rogers organized the Army Rangers in 1756, he established his 19 Standing Orders.  These were simple common sense rules for victory and survival. Some … [Read more...]


Give Up Mean Girling, Military Wives

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How to Stay Together Forever, Military Style

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Everything’s Great! Why Am I Still Depressed?

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6 Overpowering Beliefs Of Spouses Who Land Jobs

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