What You Need to Know About the Clay Hunt Law

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What Does Military Transition Really Do to Marriage?

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13 Things You Should NEVER Say to a Military Child

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No Politics, No Pity, No Pansies

There are lots of ways to honor fallen service members, veterans and military families. They’re all good. Anything honoring someone for doing something of value is good. But “No Politics, … [Read more...]


Leaving SpouseBuzz: 7 Lucky Things I Learned From You

After a three-year tour as SpouseBuzz editor and Director of Spouse and Family Programs for Military.com, I am moving on. Gah. That kills me to say. It is as wrenching as every one of our 16 PCS … [Read more...]


SpouseBox Review: The Perfect MilSpouse Pick-Me-Up

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ISIS Threatened Me But They Didn’t Win

It's not every day that you can say "Today I got a personalized tweet from someone claiming to be with ISIS." And that's probably a good thing. It happened like this:  The Twitter account of a … [Read more...]


Poll: Pick Your Own Commissary Cuts

The last several weeks have been a flood of news about benefit cuts. Commissary cuts, Tricare changes, housing allowance cuts ... whoa. The really confusing part of all this is the different … [Read more...]


What Real Military Spouses Want for Valentine’s Day

According to love experts, 86 percent of men will buy their Valentine the wrong gift this year. Many of those gift givers will be buying flowers, which, according to these experts, most women don't … [Read more...]


Tag Us on Instagram in Your #MilCrush Military Love Photos

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How To Ruin Your Military Life

Anyone who lives a fulfilling military life would tell you that it's not easy--but they wouldn’t change it for the world. Ruining your military life? Now that’s easy. Although I wouldn’t advise … [Read more...]


The Not-a-General’s-Wife Reading List

I’m no general’s wife. But the First Lady of the Marine Corps Recommended Reading List is being discontinued, so I hereby volunteer to step into the breach with my own military spouse reading list … [Read more...]


Life Raft to Row Boat to Party Boat? National Guard Wife

My husband deployed to Iraq with the National Guard in 2008.  It was the first deployment of our married life (his third.  My first time as a National Guard Wife was the loneliest time I have ever … [Read more...]


Commissary WIC in Asia Expands to Off-Base

If you are a user of the commissary WIC program in Asia, you may have noticed recently that when it comes to using your benefits on eggs, well ... you can't. But now officials have a … [Read more...]


Poll: Free Birth Control for all MilSpouses, Troops?

If you're a military spouse or female service member, accessing birth control can be expensive, depending on what brand or type you want to use. But a few lawmakers are trying to change that. Right … [Read more...]


Mailbag: Should Loud Bride Worry About Fitting In?

When you are marrying a Marine, you probably need to think about where you are going to live and how you are going to get a job and what everyone is going to wear to the wedding. That’s the fun … [Read more...]


New MilitaryChildCare.com Site Shockingly Awesome

The Defense Department has rolled out MilitaryChildCare.com, a new website designed to bring all military child care help to a central online location. No more wondering how in the world to find help … [Read more...]


Benefit Cuts for 2016: What it Means

It seems like every time you turn around there's another set of folks proposing or putting in place some kind of unnerving cut to military family benefits. I mean, didn't you JUST read this blog post … [Read more...]