5 Reasons Military Families Avoid Real Estate

We have all heard the stories of bad real estate experiences. The house that wouldn’t sell. The tenants who destroyed the carpet and put holes in the walls.Thousands of dollars lost, and a mountain … [Read more...]


Big Suggested Benefit Changes: What They Mean

It was the day all of us benefits nerds were waiting for -- Jan. 29 the Military Compensation and Retirement Modernization Commission (MCRMC) released its report and recommendations to Congress on … [Read more...]


Another Commissary Food Shortage: Poultry in Asia

Commissary shoppers in South Korea and Japan may soon be noticing a commissary food shortage of chicken, turkey, eggs and items that contain those ingredients (like pot pies, lunch meat, hot dogs, … [Read more...]


Mom’s Accused Attempted Murder and Mental Health for Spouses

A soldier returning from Afghanistan doesn’t usually turn a spouse into a recluse. Taking care of three kids under two years old almost never results in three counts of attempted murder. People just … [Read more...]


MyCAA: Can Free Spouse Tuition Program Be Saved?

Military family programs that are not used have a bad tendency to get cut. When only one in five qualified spouses used the MyCAA spouse tuition program, you gotta wonder: Can it be saved? Or, maybe, … [Read more...]


Why Taxes Aren’t So Crazy for Military Families

If you’ve been listening to personal finance news at all recently, you’ve probably heard two things about this tax season – it’s going to be complicated for most people, and the Internal … [Read more...]


Are You Crazy Or Is Military Life Crazymaking?

Sometimes I wonder whether I am crazy to be trying to make a life with a military guy or whether the military life is actually making me crazy? Not only do I have my own list of crazymaking … [Read more...]


Huge Proposed 2016 Commissary Cuts: What They Mean

A leaked draft cuts proposal from the Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA) to the Defense Department shows one thing very clearly: cuts are likely going to happen, and they are not going to be … [Read more...]


BAH Changes and On-Base Housing: What it Means

You probably heard the news on Military.com last week that military leaders are working with privatized housing for two major changes. First, they are no longer going to be covering renters insurance … [Read more...]


My Dream House Is Not What I Thought

“Wow, so now that he’s retiring, you’re going to buy a house! You’ve moved so many times, I bet you know exactly what you want," a civilian friend said to me. You'd think so, right?  My … [Read more...]


What I Learned About Career From Young Spouses

Do you ever wish you could tell the younger version of yourself some words of wisdom about your career? I recently had a chat with a newer military spouse about her experiences assimilating into … [Read more...]


Why Am I The One Explaining The War?

As we prepare for yet another upcoming deployment, I find myself increasingly stressed out about those innocent conversations I have with well-meaning friends. Me: "Yes, he's deploying." Friend: … [Read more...]


5 Frugal Living Tips for 2015

A new survey says that middle class military families are focusing their financial goals for 2015 on frugal living. They want to get out of debt, cut back their spending, budget, use more cash and … [Read more...]


Disability Help Added to Exchange Gas Stations

If you are a disabled military member or military family member who either has trouble getting out of your car to pump gas or getting the attention of a gas station attended to do it for you, life is … [Read more...]


Why ‘American Sniper’ is for Military Wives

When the husband of one of my close friends was killed in Iraq, she slipped an e e cummings poem into his casket before he was buried at Arlington. That poem ran through my mind, in verses and lines, … [Read more...]


Military Spouse of the Year Round One Voting Open

We recently told you about the Armed Forces Insurance Military Spouse of the Year awards -- an annual nationwide program that not only allows military and non-military folks alike to nominate their … [Read more...]


Commissary Keeping Curbside Pick-up Pilot

If you are one of the lucky ducks who lives where the commissary is piloting its Click2Go curbside pick-up program, you are in the money for an extra year, commissary officials recently … [Read more...]


Military Wife on Bed Rest? HA.

Two years ago around this time, I was put on bed rest when I was pregnant with our first child. NBD.  The staff at Walter Reed were awesome, hubs was deployed, and I was staying with my mom. Can you … [Read more...]