The Investment Every Military Spouse Should Make

Invest in yourself and become the fullest version of yourself possible. That is the investment every military spouse should make. If that seems selfish, it’s not; it’s the best gift you can give … [Read more...]


How Military Couples Marry Young — and Stay Together

Thanks to a new study,  we know why military couples marry younger on average than civilian couples. A part of it is due to the increase in pay, sure. More of that why is explained by the fact that … [Read more...]


9 Things for Which Military Spouses Should Never Apologize

I swear I was just walkin’ here when that rude guy bumped into me. “Sorry!” I said automatically. Gah. Some days it feels like I’m sorry for this and sorry for that and sorry for everything … [Read more...]


May Your Day Be Merry and Bright

Here at SpouseBuzz we like to take time for the important stuff -- family, friends who might as well be family and all the goals and dreams that make us who we are. Regardless of what you are … [Read more...]


Poll: If You Could Do One Military Life Thing Better

It's that time of year again. As the holiday season comes to a close many of us are stopping to reflect on just what this whirlwind of a year has meant. What did we learn? What did we love? What … [Read more...]


A Military Festivus: The Airing of Grievances

Happy Festivus. I've got a lot of problems with you people. Now you're going to hear about it. In case you aren't up on new holidays, Festivus isn't actually one. But that's OK. It is a fictional … [Read more...]


Who in the World is ‘Gunny Claus?’

Macy's has the Real Santa. 1st Civ. Div. has a mall stand-in. But here in the Marine Corps, we have Gunny Claus. That's right, Gunny Claus. 1st Reindeer Division, Marine Corps Base North Pole. I'm … [Read more...]


10 Reasons We Drive 600 Miles to Visit the Family

Gather around, everyone. It’s time to talk turkey, or tofurkey, or ham, or leg of lamb, or whatever roast beast is served at your holiday feast. Even if we don’t do it any other time of year, most … [Read more...]


Slacker Parenting Tips for the Holidays

What do children really want? I recently read a study that said that what children really want isn’t a WiiU or an iPhone 6 or a mini Mustang Convertible that can go zero to 60 in, say, three … [Read more...]


Pregnant At Christmas: What To Expect

I think there is something special about being ‘with child’ during the holiday season. You aren’t just pregnant. You aren’t just having a baby. This is the time of year you can stand … [Read more...]


More Countries Added to Same-Sex PCS List

If you're a same-sex military spouse life has gotten a lot easier for you in the last few years. Not only was the policy Don't Ask, Don't Tell repealed, allowing for gay military members and their … [Read more...]


The BRAT Perspective: ‘We Are not Spoiled Brats’

In recent weeks, there has been a war of two cultures across social media. There is a group, a non-profit, called Operation C.H.A.M.P.S (Child Heroes Attached to Military Personnel) that is run by … [Read more...]


Food Stamps Down at Many Commissaries, Here’s What to Do

A nationwide problem at some civilian stores and commissaries alike means food stamp and WIC users may not be able to use their benefits and debit card users won't be able to get cash back. Here's … [Read more...]


How Do You Get YOUR Message to the Military Community?

Do you ever wonder how some people get their message about military families out to the world and some don't? I have been writing about military families since 1996 and this has always been a puzzle … [Read more...]


Why Didn’t You Tell Me Military Retirement Was Like This?

It’s been a year since my husband retired from the Army. It has been a year of huge change, so why don’t I look forward and leave the former life behind? The ceremony was a turning point, but I … [Read more...]


Landlord: Soldier on Leave Can’t Stay in Wife’s Apartment

A soldier, presumably on paternity leave for a visit to his geobachelor wife and two-week-old newborn daughter, was told by her South Carolina landlord that he couldn't stay in the apartment past the … [Read more...]


How To Find Work From Home

You know those ‘work from home’ jobs must be out there. Other military spouses have them. They have clients and they have deadlines and they have paychecks. How can you, too, be one of those lucky … [Read more...]


What Gift Won’t Fit In a Box?

I’m at that age where the gift I want most for Christmas doesn't fit in a box. This drives my niece, Maddie, absolutely crazy. I think it makes perfect sense. I think you ought to be able to wrap … [Read more...]