10 Unusual Ways To Celebrate July 4th

Independence Day is supposed to be about tradition. Good ol’ John Adams himself thought the day ought to be celebrated with “pomp and parade, with shows, games, sports, guns, bells, bonfires and … [Read more...]


Tricare Might Force You Back On Base

If you're a Tricare Prime user living near a military treatment facility (MTF), you're probably seen on base. But there are some of us (including myself and my children) who got lucky when we moved to … [Read more...]


Do NOT Go On Vacation!

Ever since we got home from vacation, my husband keeps calling in the middle of the day. He breathes heavily into my ear and says, “Whatcha doin’?” “Hating work. What are you … [Read more...]


My Soldier is Being Separated

For my entire 10 years as an Army Spouse, I have always thought that the only people that get kicked out of the military are the losers. The drug users. The thieves. The slackers. And then it … [Read more...]


A Gift To My War Weary Friends

I'm so tired of this war. I know you are too. A deep malaise – sometimes cynical, sometimes maddening – hits me deep in the gut. I wish I could give our military spouses some reprieve. As the … [Read more...]


The Military Fired My Friends — Are We Next?

My stomach is in my throat. After sharing this article on Facebook about 1,100 Army Captains being given the boot sometime this week, my phone rang. "I'm calling because that's us," she said. "My … [Read more...]


Poll: Iraq is Back? We Got Punked

Drawdown is a "believe it when I see it" sort of thing for me. And I was just starting to buy in. So little of our battalion is deploying on this rotation that, just a few months out, they haven't … [Read more...]


PCSing? File for Unemployment

You finally get the job of your dreams. You are working at it for a year or so and just getting comfortable. Then, whoosh -- the rug is pulled out from under your feet as your active duty spouse tells … [Read more...]


Commissary Adds New Special Needs Carts

You may see some different looking new carts (or "buggies" as they call them here in the South) soon at your local commissary, Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA) officials announced last week. The … [Read more...]


How to Prep for a PCS Before Orders

Butterflies in my stomach. A tightening in my chest. A insatiable desire to use Google. Obsessively creating check lists. I'm on the cusp of our next PCS. If you're like me, the beginning of the … [Read more...]


Housing Hacks: What Should You Charge for Rent?

Once I accepted the fact we were PCSing to Ft. Wainwright, Alaska (think negative 40 degree winters) from Georgia I had to move from “dazed and confused” to "focused and productive."  The biggie … [Read more...]


It’s Time to Run for Office

What if I told you that you should run for office? Give me a chance, here - you're bright and capable, I know you have issues that mattered to you (hello, Tricare much?), and you're a military … [Read more...]


4 Reasons to Try Camping With Your Family

"I require a toilet that flushes. And I don't go to the bathroom with spiders." Those were my primary reasons for not going camping with my family before last year. I want to pee in peace … [Read more...]


How To Stay on Budget (Without Really Trying)

"Stay on a budget without even trying? Yeah, right,” said SpouseBuzz reader Tara Reeder. Tara isn’t kidding. It’s one thing to have a budget app on your phone reminding you how you really … [Read more...]


Beat Summer Slowdown: How To Work With Kids At Home

I scoff in the face of office workers who whimper over their little 20 percent drop in productivity during the summer months. As so many military spouses who work from home do, I actually prefer to … [Read more...]


Poll: Have You Used The GI Bill, Spouse?

Under the 9/11 GI Bill, military members can transfer their benefits to dependents including spouses. Yet, according to the 2014 Military Spouse Employment Report from MOAA, more than half of all … [Read more...]


I Sued My Husband’s Commander

I might be the first spouse to ever sue her husband’s commander in civil court. This is the story of  why. My husband, Lt. Col Craig Perry, was fired from his job as a squadron commander, in … [Read more...]


Recruited by the Economy: Will Older Recruits Stay?

Oprah was Tyler’s real recruiter. When Tyler and his then-girlfriend Cathy were living in Michigan, they struggled to make ends meet. He was a student. She was working at a call center. “Oprah … [Read more...]