The Wrong Door

Everyone knows that the worst day possible would be the fateful knock on the door.

But what would you do if it was the wrong door?

We've seen the scene on We Were Soldiers when the taxi driver scares the life out of Mrs. Moore, and we've all heard the urban legends, but it really happened last night.

Sis B got that knock at the door, and


My heart stopped just reading her post; I can't imagine living through it.

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Sarah has been married to her soldier for a bit more than 10 years. In the past decade, they've been at six different duty stations in four different branches of the Army. They've also endured three deployments, six miscarriages, and a failed IVF. Sarah's blogging focus has shifted some in the past five years, from common military issues to something more personal: the difficult intersection between the military and infertility. It's hard for some couples to start a family; it's even harder when one person spends a lot of time on the other side of the globe. But Sarah was lucky enough to declare Mission Accomplished when their daughter was born 10 days after her husband's return from Afghanistan. And she tries to remind herself how irreplaceable and cherished that daughter is now that she's entered the terrible two's. In her free time, Sarah is a pioneer housewife: knitting, crocheting, and cooking ... and sometimes even firing a weapon.