Just when I thought our experiences were unique….

Almost 20 years ago, when I became a new military bride, my mother gave me a clipping out of an old Wives Club newsletter from way back when she was a new military bride. Recently, while trying to sift through all the clutter that has gathered in the house in the few years we've been here, I found the poem. I was shocked at how similar it all was to what we all endure today! So, I thought I'd share my blast from the past….


The plumbing backed up.
The dryer caught fire.
The family car
Has a very flat tire.
The children…all six
Are swelled up with the mumps
The heater keeps cooling
And goes thumpety-bumpp.
The washing machine
Like a cup runneth o'er.
The dog's nipped the M.P.'s
Who were checking the doors.
Got mail!….from the bank,
The polite but firm sort.
Says the checking account
Has developed a short.
The milspouse is frazzled.
Her cool is all shot.
When things should go smoothly,
That's when they do not.
Situation is normal
Tho' it seems a'wry
It's just SOP
When Dad's TDY!

Reprinted from "Lady Seymour", Seymour Johnson AFB – sometime in the 60's

How's that for archived "Gremlins"!?!?!?

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