Box Hoarders Anonymous

Hi, I’m Marine Wife. And I hoard boxes, specifically original packaging. I have the box for the computer we bought 3 moves ago. Ditto for the Japanese and German china my mother bought over 30 years ago. (So clearly, this might be an inherited disease, especially if you are the child of a milspouse.) I keep boxes for items small and big, everything from stemware to our TV. Often, these boxes and the packing material in them come in very handy during PCS’s. If nothing else, I feel a little more secure about my worldly goods arriving in one piece at the other end before I hand them over to complete strangers.

As we were dismantling our tree today, I was repackaging many of our ornaments back into their original packaging (the ones we had, anyway). Stretch stopped mid-point and asked, “Do you think we’re being too anal about keeping these boxes?” My answer came immediately:

“We can get rid of them when we stop moving every 2 years.”

About Marine Wife

Marine Wife is a former Army Brat who married her Marine in 1998, making theirs a mixed marriage. She has two Devil Pups that keep her on her toes and threaten her sanity daily.

But that might only be fair since Marine Wife just might hold the record for getting her husband called on the carpet. Hmmm....that might be why he now enjoys the fact that she never took his name.

While Marine Wife often wonders what it would be like to live at the same address for longer than 2 years, she enjoys all the adventures that life with the Corps affords. OORAH!