Where are the Awards?

I have always wondered why Hubby does not have a “Me” wall that showcases all of his accomplishments. Not even his college degree is on the wall in our home. SO I asked him and his simple answer was that he wants to wait until he retires to show everything off. Right now he is living and doing and wants to accomplish many things. Makes sense to me, sorta.

I want him to show off all he has done because I am just as proud as he is but I am respecting his wishes. So my walls will remain bare of his accomplishments that we will not show off until he is done with the military.

Then I began to wonder, who else thinks like this? My dad for one. I do not remember too many of his certificates or awards on the walls when I was growing up. Even now he has them in his office in the back of his home.

Am I the only one around who does not have a ton of military awards or certificates on the walls?

About Reasa

I am a wife, mom and whatever else life calls for. My Hubby and I have been married for 17 years and in that time we have been active duty Navy, National Guard, and now active duty Army. We have five children, two dogs, a fish and a Texas Spiny Lizard. We are still at our first duty station as Army folks and see no chance of us leaving here in the near future.