Be Gracious For the Gift


Gracious. Thankful. Appreciative.

Sears, a major retailer, with the help of outside donors, created a holiday gift card giveaway to active duty military personnel and their families. The online registration time for Heroes at Home was limited to a few hours on 31 Aug 2011.

There was a computer glitch. Some entries got in before the start time. There was a problem registering the birth month of August, among other site issues. People took to the Facebook page for the retailer and it got a bit negative.

Let’s keep this in perspective. This is a business which decided to make a non-need based gesture to the military community with the help of volunteer donors.  Anyone who fit the basic criteria that they established could enter. It is to show the military gratitude, thankfulness, and appreciation for the fourth year in a row.  Since donations start on 4 September, will the negative comments have an impact?

As of this writing there are over 2,000 posts on this retailer’s Facebook page with complaints about the program. From why it was just active-duty status, why not overseas members, rank, why did people get cards multiple times, and a host of other gripes.

A big hand to the military community who took the time to be positive about this gift in the same forum. Some people commented that they declined to register for their own reasons. Others acknowledged that the system didn’t accept their entry and they were fine with that, however they were still thankful and appreciative for those who will benefit from it.

The bottom line – This retailer simply didn’t have to do this for anyone.

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  • Rick

    Interesting points Seasoned-air.

  • I agree. It got a little petty.

  • spouse2000

    Role models of what to who?

    • Russ

      Wow, spouse2000, i bet you were one of those complaining that the Sears site was broken!

  • Heather

    If military spouses didn’t have something to complain about they wouldn’t know what to do with themselves. As a woman who spent 7 years active duty and now 16 years as the wife of an active duty soldier ( who was enlisted for 10 years and an officer for almost 10 years now) I have heard the gamut of complaints and it is sad. While I have had my moments of frustration with this lifestyle, I could never imagine complaining about something like this. We as military families are not special, nor do we require special treatment. I say get over yourselves (general here) and be grateful for what you have, a husband/wife with a job, free medical, a place roof over your heads, food on your plate, and a whole community of resources that should not be taken advantage of!

  • Rick

    High-five Heather.!

  • Elle

    As a wife, this is just embarassing all around. I am thankful for what companies offer to do for our families, but we already get many benefits because of our service members. If you receive something, say thank you. If you don’t, it wasn’t yours in the first place.