Should We Laugh at Military Life?


Last week I wrote a post proposing a MilSpouse version of the reality show Stars Earn Stripes. While most readers expressed their understanding of the humorous nature of it, one reader did not find it amusing.  She believes that “Making light of any version of military life is not funny.”

A few days later, Jacey wrote a post about why we love naked soldiers, a response to the hilarious photos people are posting on the “Support Prince Harry With a Naked Salute!” Facebook page.  Again, a post infused with humor and levity.  Yet this too was met with some lack of appreciation for the author’s comedic intentions.

I have to say that I’m a bit confused.  I love joking around.  I find solace in the fact that life doesn’t always have to be so serious.  I think that laughter IS the best medicine.  And I truly believe the world is a better place with Will Ferrell and Adam Sandler in it.  What’s wrong with a good chuckle every now and then?  What’s wrong with finding the humor in our military lives that are typically filled with less than humorous situations?

Whether we’re laughing at a blog post that conjures up the image of Kim Kardashian PCS’ing to Japan with four kids, books like Mollie Gross’ Confessions of a Military Wife, or a video of deployed troops dancing to “Call Me Maybe,” it all boils down to finding some comic relief from the more stressful aspects of our military lives.

We’re not making light of our responsibilities or minimizing the hardships we face as military families.  We’re just blowing off steam.  We’re escaping, taking a mini mental vacation, even if that vacation is only as long as it takes to read a blog post or watch a video.

Or to put it more simply, as Amy explained to one of those readers who was offended by the naked soldier post, “Military life is full of un-funny.  We happily embrace the funny where and when we can.”

What do you think?  Should we laugh at military life every now and then?  Or should we take ourselves more seriously?

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Heather Sweeney
Heather Sweeney is an Associate Editor at, former Navy wife, mother of two, blogger, and avid runner. She’s the blogger formerly known as Wife on the Roller Coaster and still checks in every now and then at her blog Riding the Roller Coaster.
  • Cathy

    Laugh as much as you can even if it is at yourself!

  • Rquick

    Wow I’m kind of shocked that these people are taking it so seriously. You have to be able to laugh at yourself, the military, and each other sometimes. People need to re-discover their funny bones and laugh a little.

  • Gretchen Morrison

    I think that many times the only way to deal with our Military life is to laugh at it! I mean really if you stress every time a date changes you will have a really hard time! You need to take it with a grain of salt, be flexible and laugh whenever you can!!!!

  • Dennis Boykin

    After 24 years, 12 duty stations, 3 overseas deployments, 2 combat tours and a Bronze Star, I can state categorically: HUMOR GOT US THROUGH IT ! ! ! Just ask my wife……….

    Anyone with more than a week in the military knows that your sense of humor should never be packed away in your footlocker – and if you have to pack it for a PCS, it goes on top of the duffel bag, so you can reach it quickly.

  • Tiffany

    Absolutely, we MUST LAUGH!! How would we deal with the most-times stressful, to often times..just to- plain – scary – to -think – about every day issues we have to deal with as military families? I say laugh..and I also say..THANK YOU SPOUSEBUZZ, Ms. Sweeney, Ms. Bushatz and Ms. Eckhart for providing all of us with a bit of well needed humor every now and then.

  • Jessamyn

    Not sure why anyone wouldn’t appreciate the humor. I, for one, would love to see KK PCS anywhere without her Hollywood minions and we’re coast guard reservists who have never had the privilege of the experience. In case anyone missed it, that was intended to be funny ;) If you can’t laugh at the absurd you will never survive the joy that is deployment.

  • I love to laugh, and appreciate when situations are made less-serious. Life can be a pain, we need to seek out the joy.

  • Carmen

    Of course we should laugh at our military lives! Sometimes laughing is The only thing that keeps you sane. We deal with so much all the time, most of which is not understood by others, we have to see the lighter side of things. In my family’s case, our children took to naming the houses we lived in: there’s the home house, the green house, the honey house, the broken house, the new house, the yellow house, and ‘no name’ house. It gives us a laugh every time we talk about the houses.

  • Britt

    Life is short- We are all painfully aware of that.
    Too short not to find humour in the most peculiar places.
    Laugh often & Love much!